Wappler 6.0.0 RC 1 Released

Wappler 6.0.0 RC 1 Released

Check the new Wappler site at https://wappler.io/
and download Wappler 6.0.0 RC 1 from your Account Dashboard
Latest stable version is also available there.

Note: Wappler Beta runs as a separate app, so you can have both stable and beta installed, but please run them one at the time.

What's New

The final release of Wappler 6 is imminent, so this week we have the Wappler 6 Release Candidate 1!
This is as good as final so please test it thoroughly and report any issues you find.

We have finalized all new features, implemented all Bootstrap 5.3 features with full dark theme support and theme switcher. See Using Bootstrap 5.3 Dark Mode

All new components like the Visual Workflow Editor, Multiple Editor Layouts and Undockable Windows are now final and no longer experimental.

Major components like the Monaco Code Editor and linters has also been updated to the latest versions.

Bootstrap 5

  • New Bootstrap 5 Theme Switch component beta
  • Add the theme options to the html tag
  • Implemented all the new colors for Bootstrap 5.3, like emphasis and sible colors.
  • Implement a dark theme classes convertor, so that older dark classes for Bootstrap navbars, dropdowns and close buttons are converted to the new style. Convertor is currently run on frmaework switch.
  • Update list of global Bootstrap CSS Variables so that also the root variables are available in the App Root node for styling.
  • fixed Bootstrap 5 background colors
  • Implemented all new Bootstrap 5.3 border colors as well

Bootstrap 5 Theme Switch

  • Updated styling to fit navbars and standalone dropdown styling
  • Improved styling in navbars
  • Improved initial state styling

Bootstrap Icons

  • Update to the latest version 1.11.1 with many new icons

Theme Manager

  • Updated the theme options for the latest Bootstrap 5.3
  • Added more enablers for dark mode, reduced motion, smooth scroll, caret and button pointers
  • Improved theme generations and reset
  • Added more Bootstrap basic styling for body and links

Assets Manager

  • Improved resizing of the images for preview in assets manager to avoid rare crashes

Icons Picker

  • Improved icons picker styling
  • Make compatible with the new undocked windows

Routing Manager

  • Improved styling of the routes picker
  • Fixed data picker in routings parameters

Undocked Windows

  • Show the current editor title in the window title
  • Allow undocked windows to be maximized also on MacOS

Docker Targets

  • Fixed Docker Postgres and MS SQL Database Servers ports when used with Over SSH tunnelling

Pages Manager

  • Prevent double dialogs

Design View

  • Add new toggle dark theme button to the toolbar of design view for Bootstrap 5 dark theme preview

Code Editor

  • Updated linters, formatters and postcss to latest versions
  • Updated monaco editor to version 0.44.0

Database Query Builder and Updater

  • Improved working with undocked windows
  • Improved dialog cleanup

Mobile Development

  • Improved files updater for mobile projects

Mobile Flow actions

  • Improve saving state of mobile components like capacitor sqlite


  • Multiple Editor Layouts now final, no longer in experimental
  • Project Options as Tab Editor, also final and no longer experimental
  • Improved common dialogs loading
  • Fixed Security Provider dialog loading
  • Fixed custom query dialog loading
  • update Wappler’s Sentry integration to the latest version for best error tracking and reporting
  • Improved error logging to Sentry to handle better Wappler global objects

App Connect Event Calendar 1.1.6

  • Added touch Delay (longPressDelay) option

Fixed issues