Wappler 5.6.0 Released

Wappler 5.6.0 Released

Check the new Wappler site at https://wappler.io/
and download Wappler 5.6.0 from your Account Dashboard

Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What's New

And we are back with huge update of Wappler! In anticipation of the upcoming Wappler 6, we are already releasing major component updates now as Beta Extensions.

So now you happy to announce App Connect 2.0 beta our third major architectural rebuild in its now 10 years of existence! Yes you read this correctly App Connect was first announced by DMXzone in 2013 at Adobe Max, it was called then HTML5 Data Bindings. You van even watch the Adobe Max Presentation by George Petrov from 2013 and also the Presentation from 2014

Now App Connect 2.0 incorporates great improvements with latest technologies like signals for mighty fast data bindings and dynamic expressions evaluation.
While a huge update, App Connect 2.0 it is still fully backwards compatible and a drop in replacement of the previous version, so you don’t have to change anything in your code.

Next is also a major update to Server Connect 3.0 as beta, specially the PHP support. We now fully support and use PHP Composer for managing and auto installing PHP package dependencies.
The usage of PHP Composer is fully opt-in, so you can just enable it in the project options.
A great advantage of using PHP Composer is that only used packages will be installed and no longer just everything, so this will result in a very slim PHP sites. Huge frameworks like AWS and Stripe will be installed only when used. See Using PHP Composer

Another great improvement for PHP is that now the Wappler Local Server can fully run PHP servers locally. So you no longer need frameworks like WAMP or MAMP, but can get started right away with PHP development in Wappler. Needed components like PHP CLI and Composer will be auto installed with the system installers like Scoop for Windows or Homebrew for Mac. See Running PHP with Wappler Local Server

Our Docker Deployments have also been greatly improved. All Docker deployed Databases now also use a new secure SSH tunneling to allow Wappler’s Database Manager to connect and manage your databases in a very secure way, without having to expose any public ports. For PHP, now the base PHP Apache images are used directly for best reliability and flexibility.

App Connect 2.0 Beta

  • Major update and rewrite of App Connect to gain huge speed performance with signals usage. Fully backwards compatible.
  • The improvements are specially with the automatic data changes detection. It is now based on new techniques for reactive programming and signals, that recently got more attention in the angular area.
  • Many components are already optimized to take advantage of the new speed improvements and App Connect API and more to come

Server Connect

  • Added Server Connect 3.0 beta with full PHP Composer support
  • Optimized file save to not always check if all server connect files are included as those are now managed by the Project Updater. Should result in great save performance increase

Full PHP Composer Support

  • Greatly improved the Wappler PHP Support in Server Connect by adding full support for the PHP Composer package manager. Now all used PHP packages are nicely managed by PHP Composer and version controlled. Also only the needed PHP Packages are added so your PHP sites are now very lightweight
  • Now conditionally include used PHP Modules depending on if they are used or not.
  • Automatically cleanup old aws, PHPmailer and Stripe server connect files, when composer is used as those are now auto included as composer modules
  • PHP Composer now needs Beta extension channel selected. Add checks for it
  • Automatically install PHP Composer when selected and system check is ran.
  • Allow PHP Composer to run also on Own Server installations like WAMP and MAMP
  • No need to run Wappler PHP Local server when running Own Server as WAMP or MAMP
  • Auto install PHP composer if not found during PHP Packages install and it is selected for use

Wappler Local Server

  • Added support for running local Wappler PHP Server! Now you can choose in the project target options to use Wappler Local Server and when the Server Model is also PHP, a local php server will be started for the project.
  • The Wappler PHP Server will be auto installed with the system installers like Scoop on Windows and Brew on Mac
  • Auto install needed PHP modules for the Wappler Local PHP Server
  • Automatically add needed PHP Modules on Windows
  • Improved local server online status monitoring
  • For PHP server check now check for the full http protocol to be available

Project Manager

  • Allow to create new projects with Wappler Local Server and PHP

Project Targets

  • When using default SQLite connection, generate the right filename and connection string for PHP

Publishing Toolbar

  • When running Wappler PHP Local Server for a target now you will see it running in the bottom toolbar and also have additional actions to start and stop it. Also the web server output is available under the Local Web Server terminal.

Docker Deployment

  • Add new options for remote Docker Databases targets, to be able to connect over SSH (SSH Tunneling) for greater security. Now you can just enable the Over SSH option in the project options in your remote target and Wappler will use exclusively SSH for connecting to your database which is much more secure and doesn’t require any public ports to be open.
  • Remote Docker Targets that use Databases now get the new SSH Options on per default for both Docker Machine based targets and Cloud Servers from Resource Manager
  • Improved enabling Over SSH option for Docker Machine (sockets) based targets to pre-populate the SSH key and user
  • Now use the original base PHP docker images for optimal configuration. It might take initially a bit longer to build but afterwards it will be fast.
  • Install also PHP Composer on Docker targets if it is used

Mobile Development

  • Capacitor SQLite Connector and Capacitor Camera extensions are now officially available and no longer in beta

App Connect Flows

  • Improved detection of capacitor and it specific components in App And Page Flows
  • Improve saving and retrieving of output meta data for API flow actions

Database Manager

  • Improved the Database connection options to be able to support the latest SSH Tunneling options and security keys like ed25519
  • Automatic support for SSH Agent to get your keys from when using SSH for direct database connections in Wappler
  • Improved SSH Tunneling for direct database connections to be with dynamic port, so concurrent database connections can be done
  • Improved error reporting - now show the connection error not only as tooltip but also in the properties panel
  • Integration with SSH Agent keys from Resource Manager
  • Improved display of errors due the database changes apply failure
  • Cleanup SSH Tunneling code
  • Improved the display of any error messages in the properties panel and allow them to be selectable for easy copy and paste.

Database Query Builder

  • Parent database name is missing schema when database uses custom schema

App Connect Tagify

  • Improved update method performance
  • Reset to default values on form reset

App Connect Event Calendar

  • Added html tooltip property to calendar

Fixed issues