Running PHP with Wappler Local Server


You don’t need to install and configure any local servers to run your dynamic Wappler web app or site. You can use the powers of the integrated in Wappler PHP server to quickly setup a development environment in just a few clicks.

That’s the easiest and fastest way to get started with PHP based web apps/sites in Wappler.

Project Setup

First we need to set up a project in Wappler. Click the Add New Project button:

Select Web > Blank:

Add a name for your project:

Then select a path on your hard drive, where the project and all its files should be created:

Set the Development Environment to Wappler Local Server:

And select PHP as a server model:

Then click Save:

You are done setting up your project. You don’t need anything else to be installed or configured, your Local PHP server is up and running:


This is a great new feature. And it also brings some assurance to us PHP users that it will be around for awhile in Wappler.

I currently use MAMP Pro for my local server.

Can I continue to use that?
Can you use both the new local server and MAMP as a staging server at the same time?


Yes you can fully continue to use MAMP as you did before, it will even work together with the new PHP composer integration.

The Wappler local Server for PHP is indeed more convenience for new users that wish to use PHP.