Wappler 4.8.1 Released

Wappler 4.8.1 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

The Wappler team is completely powered up in the last team building week, bringing you a new major update of Wappler!

Enjoy the full power of the Database Manager, with sub tables, multi references and nested Database Queries and updates, now with the new App Connect component - Form Repeater!

Use the Form Repeater to created nested multi record forms, quickly and easy! Let the user add as many records he wants, sort them by drag and drop and submit them at once!

Use the new Database nested queries to fully populate the Form Repeater automatically! Build completely custom form layouts with bootstrap.
See Inserting Data in Main and Sub Table using App Connect Form Repeat

Then just submit those the Database Updater for full nested data handling!
Using App Connect Form Repeater with Update Record Forms

Also Our App Connect performance update is now live! No longer in beta, so you can enjoy the new speed!

Furthermore we have fully finalized the new Database Manager support for sub tables and it is no longer in experimental mode only, but available to everybody.

App Connect Form Repeat

  • New App Connect component to allow you to created nested forms with multiple items. Now you can mark a part of your form as form repeat and have the user enter as many items as he wishes.
  • With the supplied actions you manipulate the form repeater to allow the user to add new or remove existing items.
  • Add number of items validation to the form repeater with min and max items options.
  • Add any regular validation to your nested form fields.
  • Add as default one item as placeholder. You can have as many items as you wish initially or when bound to data source it will display the number of items from the data source
  • Add full Sortable support - now you can enable ordering of the items by simple drag & drop! Just enable the sortable attribute and optionally specify a drag handle css selector and animation speed. If handle is not specified the whole item is draggable. Note the item must be then in a single container.
  • Added multiple data state properties for the Form repeat to bind to the state of add/remove/move buttons. Data properties that are available only within the Form Repeat start with $ like $canRemove, $canMoveToStart, $canMoveBefore, $canMoveAfter, $canMoveToEnd and from outside the Form repeat - “canAdd”
  • Use JSDelivr as CDN for SortableJS include
  • Render as Form repeat place holder in design view
  • Added duplicate action
  • Improved main icon and action icons
  • Allowed more bootstrap elements to be nested in the Form repeat

Database Manager

  • Greatly improved multi schema support in Postgres for table creation, dropping and renaming as well references
  • Add support for sub tables in other schemas than public in Postgres
  • Improved recognition of existing sub tables - as long as they are prefixed with the main table in Postgres
  • Now you can have multiple table creations from different schemas in a single changes file in Postgres
  • Allow refreshing of just single schema if requested
  • Improved performance in fetching database schemas and relations
  • Always include all the parent names as prefix in the real table names of sub tables
  • Improved changing of the the sub tables fields and deletion of the nested sub tables
  • Improved Multi Reference creation in nested Sub Tables
  • Improved recognition of existing junction templates as Multi References
  • Automatically rename all the nested sub tables prefixes when renaming the parent tables
  • Fully finalized sub tables and multi references support - available now also without experimental mode
  • Implemented smart creation of sub table names. Automatically shorting then when sub tables names become longer than 20 chars.
  • Make foreign keys always contain the short name of the parent table
  • Improved refreshing of MySQL schemas
  • Fully implemented sub tables also for MS SQL Server Databases
  • Do not display dbo on sub tables as those are with the same owner in MS SQL Server

Mobile Development

  • Improved Mobile options for older Cordova projects

Bootstrap 5

  • Show now form groups as just rows, as meant in Bootstrap 5

Server Connect

  • Added support for importing form fields with the new Form Repeat component in them
  • Added support for pure json post also for asp.net

App Connect

  • The new app connect performance update is now live! No longer as beta

Database Connector and Updater

  • Support for sub tables, nested queries and nested updates is now live and no longer as beta

Database Query Builder

  • Added support for nested queries in ASP.NET

App Connect Tagify

  • Remove all tags from tagify on form reset

App Connect Autocomplete

  • Added new option search field

Fixed issues


But wait there is more!

Wappler 4.8.1

We just smoothed a few more things with the Database Manager and included few more updates for Bootstrap 5 and App Connect. So you can now enjoy your weekend :slight_smile:

Database Manager

  • Improved adding Multi References in advanced mode. Show now always the keys there
  • Improved refreshing after adding Multi References
  • Improved schema fetching speed when there are no views
  • Improved refreshing
  • Do not use the new sub tables on database connections that are not direct

Bootstrap 5

  • Greatly improved form groups to be inserted as such and recognized much better
  • Improved also the Bootstrap 5 form generator to generate precise form groups

App Connect

  • Fixed TouchEvent not defined in Safari and FireFox

App Connect Data View

  • Small bug fix for dataview

Fixed issues