Database Manager in 4.8.0 - problem with multi references

Wappler Version : 4.8.0
Operating System : Mac
Server Model: Node Js
Database Type: SQL
Hosting Type: Docker

Is anyone else having issues like the below video before the 4.8.0 update when I added say ref1 it would have stayed called ref1 in the manager now its been prefixed in the manager also you can see a lot of random things happening like the refresh isn’t working at times, the ref1 multi Reference isn’t nested until I open the MORE sub table this is all happening very randomly so i’m looking if I can narrow down the issue to be able to reproduce but its happening a lot to me at the moment:

Yeah, I’m getting errors on schema refresh now. Is the db manager now out of the beta track?

Try staying in the basic view when applying updates.

Please report separate issues, with reproduction steps in different topics.

Yes the database manager is final now

Which database type are you using? They are all SQL

My Sql for these clips ill be trying Postgres in a little bit as im wanting to switch my projects over

Is this only with multi reference? Sub tables work all fine?

Haven’t had any issue with subtables yet still testing but just added 3 as tests and all looked fine kept there names and nested level etc

Fixed now in Wappler 4.8.1

@George I still have this happening in 4.8.1 they are still renaming and causing issues in the nesting but I have narrowed down the issue to when you have a structure like the following

Normal table (test) > Sub Table (sub) > Multi Reference (multi)

Now when you setup the multi reference you use the subtable by default as you’d expect but then if you choose the parent of the subtable in this case ‘test’ the multi reference is renamed to have the subtables name in this case ‘sub_multi’

Where as if you was to setup a multi reference with the subtable but then select another table for example a users table which is just a normal table with no sub tables etc then it won’t rename the multi reference it will stay called ‘multi’ in this case

Weird this is exactly what I tried and it is working all fine to me.

What I saw in one of your examples is that we did multi reference to the parent main table so actually creating a recursive reference. Not sure if this is what you wanted.

I even remade the tables just now to see if that was the issue seems to still happen with the parent only

Will check it - in the database they are all named well?

I implemented a bit of table name shorting when parent table name is larger than 20 chars maybe that is causing you the issue

Where is best to check this i’ve only really been using the manager recently

So I think this is a issue with existing tables and tables made in the stable branch

I had users and blogs made in stable (4.8.1) and then I switched over to experimental and made more and submore as tests

In the blogs reference it renames as these was made in stable and existed but the more and sub more tables multi reference seems to keep the name the nesting duplicates but the name is looking right here.

Hmmmm now its renaming in both stable and experimental not really sure what’s going on here will keep trying to narrow down the issue i’m also still having issues using the fetch data with multi references still it only retrieves if there’s a incrementing id field