Wappler 4.5.2 Released

Wappler 4.5.2 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Spring Cleaning is done! Wappler just got optimized greatly with huge speed increase and lost a lot of weight in memory usage!

Now faster than ever by empowering more native technology and compilation in its core. Memory usage has been greatly reduced specially in the editor and during project switching.
So Wappler stability and duration is greatly improved!

Furthermore we have fixed many issues reported in our community and improved the general quality.


  • Huge speed improvement in loading App Connect and Server Connect panels and editors! More power to native compiled code!
  • Optimize Wappler’s memory usage and speed for Server Connect Editor in tabs
  • Optimized also Page and App Flows loading speed and memory usage
  • Cleanup code editor and general UI panels
  • Improved the Open in Explore functionality on Windows to bring the explorer directly to the front
  • Also improved the Open in Browser - to bring the browser to the front

Project Manager

  • On New Web Projects you can now choose for initial Development Environment. You can change that later in the general project settings
  • Improved target options NodeJS Server Type switch between Own Server and the Wappler built-in Server. Now the previous server is stopped and the new one started. Also an additional system check is done if needed.
  • Leave it also as main project option so you can change it later on and the targets will be reset to default.
  • Optimized project options dialogs
  • Improved Firebase hosting integration

Design View

  • Improved stylesheets caching to optimize memory usage
  • Improved error logging in editor panel


  • Re-enable copy of the target dependent module files
  • Capture unhandled exceptions to prevent server process from being killed and show the error only
  • Prevent error when trying to set cookies when there is no response object (in schedule jobs)
  • Route redirects will be status 301 and redirect action will be status 302

Wappler Built-in NodeJS Server

  • Added S3 modules for the Wappler’s built-in NodeJS server

Mobile Development

  • Fixed creating new mobile projects

Docker Manager

  • Add support for nested user upload folders for production in PHP when used in Docker, improve permission settings initially

Server Connect

  • Added new option to the Reset Action of Server Connect Form to clear or not the data
  • Parse options on global instances (Database, S3, OAuth2) for PHP
  • Fixed error in S3 createBucket action for PHP
  • Added new status option to the redirect action to choose between 302 (default) or 301 redirect status codes

Image Resizer

  • Fixed resize to percentage in NodeJS

Fixed issues