Wappler 4.4.1 Released

Wappler 4.4.1 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Huge updates ahead in our NodeJS support! We have greatly improved our NodeJS integration with on demand installation of node modules! So now your NodeJS projects will be super light and only really used modules will be installed!
Also now when updates to the core Server Connect files for NodeJS are available, you will be asked first to confirm an update, on project open. So that you don’t update older projects if you don’t want.

We have also improved the update procedure of the client side App Connect files and Frameworks, so again when an update is available, you will be asked first to confirm the update. If you don’t want it, the old files will be just left as is.

Furthermore we have implemented a brand new native file watcher in Wappler, so the the automatic refreshing of files in the File Manager will be super fast and with great performance. note this is an experimental feature.


  • Huge improvements in the way we handle node modules! Now only really used node modules are included and others are cleared. So if you don’t use specific database drivers, s3 or mailers - their modules are automatically cleared now! The same is also valid for the Redis and Stripe modules.
  • Great speed up in node modules installation and size reduction, due to the on demand loading and install.
  • Updated many of the used node modules to the latest versions.
  • Drop support for Node 10 as it is end of life, you should use Node 12+ now
  • Improved NodeJS modules installation process to also remove older modules that aren’t used any more
  • Use the newest lightweight AWS SDK and only its S3 module for our S3 file connector
  • Update to the latest Redis adapter
  • Improved the MS SQL Server database connector to use directly the Tedious driver
  • Use the latest Node Sharp libraries for the best image resize support and also ARM processors support
  • Use the latest websockets library
  • Improved the package.json upgrade so that old test scripts and dev are cleaned
  • Improved Node package installation to not install peer dependencies with NPM 7+

Database Manager

  • Automatically refresh and install the needed database drivers in NodeJS, when database connections are added or removed

Frameworks Updates

  • You are in control! We have made updating of the frameworks files much more controllable now.
  • You will be asked to confirm if you want to update with new files or leave the files as they are.
  • Confirmation is asked only when files are ready to be updated when:
    • When you save a Server Connect action and updates of Server Connect files are available
    • when saving pages and App Connect files are to be updated or when used frameworks have updates
    • On project open when NodeJS is used
  • If you choose not to update then the old files will be just left and your project will stau as it is
  • If you do choose to update, the new files will be copied and uploaded to remote if needed

Database Updater

  • Fixed conditions UI in database updater


  • Add new native file watcher for superb performance (experimental)
  • Improved Homebrew installation on Mac, specially under the new Apple M1 Arm64 processor
  • Install always the LTS version of NodeJS
  • Improve hardware acceleration and loading animation on Linux
  • Improved homebrew installation on Linux
  • Focus search input when panel is opened
  • Improved memory management and cleanup

Native Popups Windows and dialogs

  • Improved more deeply nested data pickers

Project Manager

  • Improved the empty folder check on new projects, to skip Mac hidden files like .DS_Store
  • Improved importing of folders with space in the name
  • Improved creation of Heroku projects

Git Manager

  • Improved git repository refresh on project load

Design View

  • Less refresh design view

Code View

  • Do not change selection in code when editor or a widget has focus

App Connect Charts

  • Updated charts component, added label-x and label-y properties to support custom labels for the axes

App Connect

  • Improved submit buttons rendering

Data Validator

  • Added new datetime validation rule for client and server side

Fixed issues


But wait there is more!

We fixed some last minute Postgres and S3 issues with NodeJS, and also improved popup window positioning when using multiple monitors.

Now you can fully enjoy your Blank Friday :slight_smile: