Find & Replace Keeps Jumping to First Result

Wappler Version : 4.3.2
Operating System : W10
Server Model: NodeJS

Expected behavior

When finding & replacing, pressing enter should replace the current result, and move the focus/cursor to next find result.

Actual behavior

After replacing the first instance, pressing enter moves focus to the next find result for a seconds, but then jumps back to the first result.
Now I have to press enter again to go to next find result and then press enter one more time to replace.
On this this enter, the cursor jumps back to the first find result.

Is this in the code editor or the project search/replace?

Oh. Forgot to mention. This is code view.

Project search/replace just has replace all option.

Code also has a replace all option Ctrl+Alt+Enter.

Yes. But the issue is with single replace.
Replace All works fine in both code view and search panel.

I have come across the same issue with Single Replace in code view.

I assume this only happens with html documents where it selects the tag that you changed. I did some testing and only noticed the issue in this situation, it happens only on the very first replace.

I have seen this happen on EJS & ASPX files as well.
And earlier I also thought that first find/replace caused this, but I was wrong. I happens at random and multiple times.
Since there is no eary way to replicate this, I had not put a bug report for months. But finally did so today because I was fed-up of this bug.

Good to see that you were able to reproduce some part of it. Probably a fix will fix all the cases.

This has been fixed in Wappler 4.4.0

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