Wappler 3.9.4 Released

Wappler 3.9.4 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Lots of Bootstrap updates this week! We have updated Bootstrap 5 and Bootstrap 4 to the latest and also added a great new Bootstrap 5 component for sidebars: Offcanvas!
So now you can build amazing sidebars with Bootstrap 5! See Creating Offcanvas Sidebar with Bootstrap 5

You can now also use Bootstrap fully in your mobile apps! We have integrated a special SPA routing in App Connect, so that your Bootstrap based app will feel and act smoothly like a native app.
See Mobile Apps: Routing with Bootstrap

And last but not least a lot of improvements were made in our Stripe Integration.
Now you can set even more API properties, with the great new collapsible UI properties panel.
Also the client side Stripe Elements are improved and are now even smarter in passing secrets :slight_smile:
So even more custom workflows are now easily possible.

Stripe Integration

  • Support multiple nested properties for many Stripe API actions
  • Improved Stripe API Actions UI, alignment of nested properties and title case for all prompts
  • Updated API specifications to the latest
  • Put all required properties at the top
  • Stripe Elements - Store the client_secret when received on global stripe object so that the elements can use it

Client Side Routing with App Connect

  • Added support for the new client side App Connect only routing. For example mobile apps using Bootstrap or SPA websites without server side.
  • Client side routing works on SPA pages only when you have a single index.html SPA page containing a View component where all content pages gets loaded into.
  • In the routing manager you define only links to content pages that will be loaded in the view
  • Client side routing uses hash routing.
  • Implemented new client side routing for mobile apps

Mobile Development

  • Added Choice for Blank Mobile projects to be based on Framework7 or Bootstrap 5
  • New content pages start with Framework7 template only when Framework7 is used. For Bootstrap 5 mobile projects a blank page is generated.
  • Improved context blocks icons for mobile boostrap projects

Docker Manager

  • Updated all Docker Images for PHP to use the latest releases and PDO drivers. PHP 8 and 7.4 are not fully compatible.
  • Also build arm64 PHP images to be ran natively by Apple M1

Bootstrap 5

  • Update to the latest Bootstrap 5 beta 3
  • New App Connect Bootstrap 5 Offcanvas component
  • Toggle show and hide in Design View of the new Bootstrap 5 Offscreen component
  • Bootstrap 5 Modals - Added full screen options to Dynamic Modal and the auto show option
  • Bootswatch 5 - Updated all themes to Bootstrap 5 beta 3

Bootstrap 4

  • Update to the latest Bootstrap 4.6.0
  • Bootswatch 4 - Updated all themes to Bootstrap 4.6.0

Bootstrap 4 and 5

  • Updated Popovers and Tooltips for custom triggers
  • Added dynamic events for show, hide, shown and hidden of tab panes on nav links

App Connect Event Calendar

  • Use the correct attribute name for specifying business hours

Theme Manager

  • Updated to Bootstrap 5 to the latest version 5.0.0 beta 3
  • Updated to Bootstrap 4 to the latest version 4.6.0

App Connect

  • Add support for generic dynamic events without jQuery.
  • Now you can attach a dynamic event to any element with dmx-bind even the Booststrap events like show.bs.tab - just make sure you replace all dots with dashes so the event handler attribute becomes: dmx-bind:show-bs-tab="…"

Project Manager

  • Display nice names for the template projects

Bug Fixes