Stripe API create account gives error when setting type

Thanks yes found it “hidden” at the very bottom. :sweat_smile:
Now trying to figure out the Account Links. I get this 500 status:

Will report on progress for our readers.

Ah that might be a bug we need to fix :slight_smile:
Will check it out.

FYI, our API crashes (500 error) when the last action step (Create Acct Link) is enabled.

Also, it seems this Connect to Stripe button appeared with the Create Acct Link component, doesn’t it?
We really need a full Wappler doc for setting up Stripe. Your current tutorials are great but a drop compared to the ocean of options Stripe and your components offer. Is there anything already or are you planning something soon / rather urgently?

Are you really on the latest Wappler version? As I can’t replicate it.

Also when you get generic error 500 - please investigate first what is the real error, by inspecting the action output in devtools.

Furthermore the Stripe API integration is a exact copy of the Stripe API docs. So don’t expect that we will be copying all the stripe documentation for each action - just refer to their docs.

Yes, version 3.9.3
I see these too which might be the reason for the 500? What could be the reason for this GET error?

If you are using Stripe on a live site - please always use HTTPS for secure communication.
Stripe libraries don’t load under regular http - only for localhost local development.

Yes, we’ve followed Stripe instructions and our live site is under https.

The errors in the console are requests that are blocked by the browser, I have the same in my browser with an adblocker which seems to block these requests from stripe.

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Indeed, it’s the adblocker on Chrome. They disappear on my adblocker-free Edge browser:

Looking fwd to your insight on this

  1. file: “/home1/mdash/public_html/dmxConnectLib/stripe/lib/Exception/ApiErrorException.php”
  2. line: 38
  3. message: “Received unknown parameter: _out_type”

the _out_type error will be fixed in the next update.

It happens just on initial insert of the action.

You can just edit your action file and remove the line with _out_type

Thank you, looking forward to the fix in 3.9.4 :slight_smile:
Please leave this thread open for a bit until we (and others) can test the next step in create_account…

All the best guys, great job as usual.

This has been fixed in Wappler 3.9.4

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