Wappler 3.3.3 Released

Wappler 3.3.3 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Ultimate user experience is now available with the new SPA (Single Page Apps) and Partial Page refreshes for NodeJS!
Now you can quick and easy setup a NodeJS site that does for Server Side rendering for SEO but also empower partial rendering for the best user experience!
Check the tutorial about Building SPA pages with NodeJS

Also we are please to welcome two new Docker Hosting Cloud providers, Vultr and Linode! Now you can choose them directly in Wappler, next to the already available Digital Ocean and AWS.
So publishing your docker based site is now just a click away!

We have also further improved our Mobile Development with more actions in components for Framework7 v5 with App Connect.
Now you can completely control the Framework7 routing and navigation with App Connect Actions!


New Partial Refresh and SPA Routing integrated NodeJS Templating!

  • We have greatly improved the NodeJS templating to support partial refresh and SPA (Single Pages Apps) out of the box!
  • Now your content pages are automatically updated inline!
  • Full profit from both worlds - Server Side rendering and templating, while also fully using client side partial loading for top speed.
  • Added new special App Connect View container to indicate where the partial pages should be loaded
  • Added new “internal” option to links to indicate that this link is a routing link for partial refresh

Note: To update to the new partial updates you need to have your the content page include wrapped in the new App Connect View component
Also your routing links that you want to trigger partial update from should have the “internal” flag on.

Project Settings

  • Greatly improved project settings validation.
  • Now you can’t change server model once it is set
  • You can add NodeJS as server model if not set yet. So you can convert for example a Firebase project to a NodeJS project.
  • When NodeJS afterwards is enabled all the required files are copied and NodeJS environment is setup
  • When using Docker targets - the Web Server and Language are now validated against the project Server Model. If a mismatch is found an error is reported.

Framework 7 v5 with App COnnect

  • Implement new actions for the Views: Navigate, Back, Refresh and Clear History with many routing options
  • Allow to choose transitions on links and navigate actions
  • Updated all colors to the latest 15 color variants for themes, text, background and borders colors

Docker Manager

Pages Manager

  • New Layouts for NodeJS now include per default the new App Connect View for making Hybrid rendered pages

App Connect

  • Auto detect used App Connect components on the page and include their missing files if needed

Design Panel

  • Fixed border control in design panel

App Connect State Management

  • Setting session/local storage with undefined values causes errors, instead remove entry when a undefined value is being set

App Connect Summernote

  • Fixed methods in summernote component

S3 Connector

  • Added support for Vultr and Linode as S3 compatible providers with their Objects Storage services

App Connect S3 Upload

  • Improved file uploading to Digital Ocean

Bug Fixes