Are there near-term plans to support more server providers for docker machines?

Hey Team,

I know you’ve mentioned adding more options with the docker machines (we now have AWS in addition to DO)

Do you have plans to add more? If so, what are likely to be some of the next companies?

Are they part of plans for the near-future?


Well we add what you ask for :slight_smile:
So if more people request it, we can definitely add it.

Of course it has to be a good provider that has already good docker machine support. And we don’t want to overcrowd the choice there so we add the best and most convenient ones.

Ok, wasn’t sure if it was something you were going to do anyway, or if it was going to be driven by a Feature request. I guess you have answered my question :slight_smile:

Which providers do you have in mind?

I wish I knew with certainty @George :grin:

Like others, I’m only planning on building one app (for now at least) and still don’t know where I’ll deploy…so many pros and cons for all of them. Digital Ocean doesn’t have oceanic servers.

I just deployed a landing page today to AWS, so we’ll see how that goes…but AWS I feel is always more expensive than what it should be.

I think Vultr is a really good VPS provider like Digital Ocean and they have servers in Australia. So that would be a good start for another option.

My research continues though…

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Linode also has data centers in Sidney.

For docker the usual suspects are: AWS, GCP, Azure, DO, Linode and Vultr

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Yes Linode as well. Better documentation, but Vultr has slightly better UI and features. Same same though really.

I’m still trying to find something that sits maybe somewhere inbetween a VPS like Vultr and the usual EC2 type Amazon. I thought Jelastic was my answer…but I’m not so sure… Thinking of just giving into AWS and just get in bed with the devil…so to speak :grin:


Well coincidentally I was already researching Vultr which seems like a very good option next to digital ocean with similar capabilities.

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They do seem a good choice. They also publish their CPU details for their VPS which helps, and they seem faster than most others.

I believe they also support docker machines.


Well I’m happy to report that we will have a full support for Vultr in the next update!

They have indeed great VPS and docker support at very affordable prices.

If you don’t have an account with them yet use our referral link to get $100 of free credits to get started!

Their prices a are very clear and look great!

I definitely prefer Vultr and Digital Ocean with their clear pricing and great service over the complex and overpriced services of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.


OK and to keep @JonL happy we will add also Linode :slight_smile:
It is also a great provider.

There you can also get $100 free credits by using the link

and their prices are just the same as Vultr or Digital Ocean as well the services.


Awesome @George!! Thanks!!!

That’s really awesome guys!
Just my little contribution here, another great provider is Scaleway: :slight_smile:

Superb. Will this include S3 buckets support with Vultr?

That was next on my list indeed. Both Vultr and Linode support S3 compatible Object Storage which is quite nice.

So will add the support for that as well.


Yessssssss. :beers:

Now that’s taking action :smiley:

Not that I am surprised though!

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Thanks @George. That’s amazing stuff. It certainly makes deployment so much easier for those not so use to server management.

Amazing stuff. So glad I asked the question :grin:

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I just use their S3 object storage and I am happy. It is compatible with Wappler S3 integration.

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Any chance you can have a look at Cloudways? Thanks