PopDish™ Mobile App for iOS and Android

Happy to present the first public release of PopDish™ on iOS and Android.

I built PopDish for Oneloa Ventures first as a prototype, then it became an MVP, and now is a production app. The UX/UI was driven mostly by the client through XD design files and a lot of Slack communication – very iterative process rather than doc heavy planning up front.


Still working out some kinks with the branch links, so here is a direct link to iOS app store (sorry, U.S. store only) just in case the above presents issues: backup-link

I could spend an hour writing this up on the use of Wappler and integration social logins, branch links, push notifications, infinite scrolls, geo location, rating algo, and more, but for now, just wanted to share that a nice mobile app is definitely doable in Wappler, albeit with a significant amount of time spent in code view.

Obviously a lot of international presence here, so if you are really interested in using the app, set your location to Lehi, UT as Utah was the home of the beta and has much more content.



Hi Ken,
would you mind making some screenshots? I can‘t download the app as it says it is not available in my region (germany).

I realized this after posting! Yes, only the US app store has it.

And yes, I’ll put together some quick shots…standby…

https://popdish.io/ has a video as a start.


This looks awesome! Great work!

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Looks great, well done, almost had a heart attack when watching the video as my speakers are set to output through my monitor, and I control the volume with whatever media player I am using, or with volume controls on the online media players.
I am not sure how many people would be in a similar situation, but I do not think it would harm to add controls to the video that only show on hover anyway.

The person on the video doing the voice sounds like you had a professional do it, so thats always good.

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Very professional looking! Job well done, Ken. They should be showcasing this one on the Wappler website as well.


Some screenshots:


great @mebeingken

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Thanks Paul, I’ll let him know!

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No problem, the rest of it is great though, very professional looking.

I have always wondered why Macs can not get the keyboard or the volume slides to work when hooked into a monitor that has audio output, it’s a total pain in the jack, but I am sure quite a few Mac users must have a similar situation.

I use MonitrolControl, works perfectly with my Samsung monitor. It's becuase Mac's don't support CEC natively.

Congrats @mebeingken, can I ask how easy it was to integrated geolocation?


Thanks. Geolocation wasn’t too tough…just get the location from the device browser. I then do a reverse geo to get the textual location (city, state, etc.)

The fun part was doing a search within a radius of the users location, along with all the other parameters inside a db with millions of records. Tested my sql skills (or lack thereof ) for sure.


One other question which I’ve been pondering on, did you publish as native Swift or did you go down the UIWebView route?

It uses WKWebView.

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Looks amazing Ken! Very well done!
Wanted to install it also - but it is US only unfortunately.

Could you explain a bit more how you did the front-end and the back-end? Framework7 and Server Connect?


Really nice work Ken!

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Hey George, thanks. I’ll look into opening it up.

Front end is Framework7 – a combination of using the Wappler UI and coding other fw7 elements. Added some js libraries from various tidbits.

Back-end is good 'ol Server Connect php connected to mariadb. The backend is setup with an api versioning that allows me to tie server connect to a version of the published app. So when the app launches, it does a pre-load call to server connect and retrieves the proper host settings for all future server connect calls.


Very well done Ken. You never disappoint!

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Stunning work, Ken. Definitely interested to see some more info on how you built this. :+1:

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Very impressive and inspiring. Thanks

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