Not sure if I should renew Wappler Subscription

I totally understand your dilemma. I have be an on and off again wappler pro subscriber myself for the past two years and I couldn't agree more. Now my experience with wappler has been great, php and nodejs integrations for web, to me at least, work fine and certainly make creating scrud applications an ease. This is coming for someone who came from design and certainly not a web developer per se, granted when I has school everyone was learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript back then and to this day I am still learning and a fan of JavaScript, VueJS, nodeJS and the JAMstack. But Wappler again has been great, for example, I mostly use wappler for prototyping and the last thing I built on wappler was a scrud prototype with a backend for a simple tracking app using the nodejs version of wappler, and it was really easy.

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However, the mobile side of wappler is another side of the story. I agree there is less documentation, and even when you search the community forum for a similar problem, you might find there are a few posts here and there that talk (barely) about restricting parts of your mobile app and connecting your server connection actions from your web app for example. There are a quite a few other things to figure out including the environment setup up. Most of the time it works, other times not so much.

But in defense of wappler, I think it is possible to build mobile apps.

It's just that, and this is speaking of personal experience, a certain level of knowledge might be expected right of the bat. Again this is my personal experience and opinion, surely there is a learning curve, but sometimes I wonder, if I was just designing websites with wappler and I didn't know HTML, or CSS or Bootstrap or jQuery, will the learning curve be higher or lower? and the conclusion I always come to is that knowing at least some of the mentioned above will make the learning curve lower. This is also the case for creating scrud apps in wappler, will the learning curve be higher or lower if I came in already knowing about some form of (php/nodejs) backend workflow development, among other things like includes, partials, database connections, relationships, loops, conditionals, front end frameworks etc? My conclusion is again that the learning curve will be way lower. Same thing with app development on wappler, I think you can build simple mobile apps, but for more advanced features you might need some background knowledge to begin with especially about best practices for mobile app development and the frameworks that are used. But, you know, some say (pwa) web apps are the future of app development (to some extent) and wappler can do those.

Best of luck.