Lazy Load with Dynamic Data

You can use the Lazy Load Component with dynamic data.

We have a dynamic masonry layout on our page, created from a database query. You can use any dynamic source of course - database, API data source or JSON file. Masonry is also not required, we just like it and that’s why we added it :slight_smile:

So, inside the repeat region, add new element:

Open the content category and select image:

Do not use the standard src option, it should remain empty. Enable the responsive option for your image, as you are usually doing for responsive images:

Add new dynamic attribute:

Open the Display category and add Dynamic Lazy Load:

Click the dynamic data picker button, to select your dynamic image source:

Select the binding you need and click the select button:

And you are done! Lazy Load has been applied to the dynamic images in your repeat region:

You can see the results in your browser. Only the needed images are loaded on page load, the rest are being loaded while you scroll down:

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I am sure is me doing some thing wrong, but wondering if the Dynamic Lazy Load only works with images?

I have a set of records that I want to repeat, and when the page user gets to the points to where the records are I would like to use the Dynamic Lazy Load

However, when trying to add the dynamic attribute I can find it. I am not sure if this could be added from somewhere else, or what i am trying to do can’t be done.

Yes, lazy load is for images only.

@Teodor, thanks for letting me know! wondering if there is an alternative at all?
Thanks again for your help