Infinite Scroll (loading data fom server connect) Similar to Lazy Load


These days, mobile users EXPECT data to be loaded on scroll. Gone are the days of Pagination.

PLEASE implement the “Infinite Scroll” feature so we can load our records a few at a time from large datasets when the users has scrolled down far enough.

I did request this feature back on Dmxzone over a year ago and @Teodor said it was being worked on…



I guess we can close this post now as its in Version 1.7?


Hi @Freddy_Blockchain, no this is a different feature request, which relates to paged queries in server connect.
We would like a way to have 20 000 records on a single page if the user just keeps scrolling, then the records just keep adding more and more, like with the paging generator but controlled by scroll.

Imagine it being a little like how Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Images works.


@psweb ok clear!



Infinite scroll

any news on this?