Infinite Scroll (loading data fom server connect) Similar to Lazy Load

These days, mobile users EXPECT data to be loaded on scroll. Gone are the days of Pagination.

PLEASE implement the “Infinite Scroll” feature so we can load our records a few at a time from large datasets when the users has scrolled down far enough.

I did request this feature back on Dmxzone over a year ago and @Teodor said it was being worked on…


I guess we can close this post now as its in Version 1.7?

Hi @Freddy_Blockchain, no this is a different feature request, which relates to paged queries in server connect.
We would like a way to have 20 000 records on a single page if the user just keeps scrolling, then the records just keep adding more and more, like with the paging generator but controlled by scroll.

Imagine it being a little like how Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Images works.

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@psweb ok clear!


any news on this?

Any news on this feature?

CRM, chats, various custom lists and tables. All this currently requires this function.

I’m working on a project where there are a lot of tables with a lot of data. When I told the customer that the tables will be pagination, he looked at me questioningly “in what century do you live…?”


It would be cool if the implementation of this function, it would be possible through Wappler to configure the inversion of the data upload - if we do an inversion, the data is not uploaded from the top down, but from the bottom up. If there was such a setting, it would be possible to create a messenger in just a couple of clicks.

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No news as of yet. 28 votes and counting…

@George @patrick


Would love this feature.

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Has anyone tried this hack for infinite scroll by TomD? Does it work?

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This method does work (it was suggested by @transcoderm - not me). I’m sure the feature will be built into Wappler at some point.


Let’s add this.

Becoming more and more essential. We are in the process of building a community mobile application with hundreds/thousands of traders and organisers and pagination is looking a little old and tired these days… Any further considerations on implementing this highly requested feature soon please #TeamWappler?

Am not after a work around or hack, script, or piece of code thanks to any offering…


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It can be achieved with a single variable which can even be copy/pasted to different sites - just by editing the server connect name. No additional javascript or hacks - just Wappler. I’ll paste an example if you like (but I don’t want to give you an unwelcome code offering :slightly_smiling_face:)

I haven’t made much use of it, so my example might be a little basic or missing what such a feature could add.


I'm always happy to eat my own words Tom. You know how it is. I don't want to start importing unnecessary libraries that we'll have to clean up later. Sounds like you have a simple work around that won't be a pain in the arse to update when Wappler integrates such an offering... Am interested to know more Sir.


I certainly do.

You will need to add the browser component. You will probaby want to experiment with the settings too. I can't remember why I added the debounce. It seemed a good idea at the time so I've kept it with a low value for when I next experiment, rather than removing it.

<dmx-value id="scroll_pos" dmx-bind:value="browser1.scrollY.position"
  dmx-on:updated.debounce:100="browser1.scrollY.position >=0.7 ? serverconnect1.load({limit: + 20}): null"></dmx-value>

Finally, I should mention that this idea was from one of @transcoderm's posts.


Thanks Tom and @transcoderm! Very appreciated will give it a go.


There is a slight flaw with this method. It starts off fine - as you scroll a new query is run as the limit increases:


However, after a while, a lot of data could be downloaded with each scroll, if there are a lot of records:


This could be prevented by changing the offset too, but then you won’t see all of the content which has been downloaded if you scroll up.

There is obviously a better way to do it. If this forum is scrolled, the content remains visible (ie if you move the scroll button up or down), and yet the requests don’t get bigger and bigger: