Infinite Scroll (loading data fom server connect) Similar to Lazy Load

I would like this feature, please Wappler team make it happen :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just saw this is one of the most voted requests.

Infinite scroll only makes sense in very few scenarios. Mobile and timeline pages with no footer(like discourse for instance).

If not implemented correctly it can become a UX nightmare. There are stories out there of people that have been chasing a specific footer for years.

I prefer to use a “Load More” link/button as it gives the final user sense of control over the UI.

But it would be nice for certain scenarios indeed.


Tabulator has this functionality – ajax progressive.

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Bumping this request!

Bumping again. Essential for mobile apps. :wink:

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Be sure to vote here as well ......

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Bumping again

There is already an infinite scroll component in the extensions library here:

It works perfectly.

The full list of extensions is here:

Unfortunately Ken’s extension does not work in mobile projects due to limitations in custom components in mobile projects.