Photography website

after been playing with basic wappler, i want to try to build my website to sell photos.

I would like to use dynamic masonry with lazy load with auto watermark.
Is it possible?
I saw these tuts:

but they don’t explain how to make the server part.

What do you mean the server part? It’s just a database query that you need on the server part.

For Lazy Load and database actions, you will need the Pro version of Wappler.

Yes @ben, I will buy the pro version. I’m just trying to understand how can I build the website.

@Teodor, for you “it’s just a database query” for me, is something i never done.

Then is your best friend :slight_smile:

is there any component for ecommerce?
I will need a simple add to cart button on each photo and paypal integration

No, there is no e-commerce component, but with the API tools in Wappler you can connect to any payment provider, such as Stripe.

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