How to show images from database where database has image URL saved

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I am unable to find the solution, “How to show images from database where database has image URL saved”.
Below i am trying to but images disappears as soon as i refresh design view and also dont show on page. Certainly i am doing something wrong. would please assist some steps on how to show image stored on server and database contains URL of it?

image below after refresh

Hello @yannicko
I am not really sure how your question is related to the tutorial, but can you explain a little more detailed what the issue is exactly on your page?

Hi Teodor,
Actually i have a lots of images uploaded on my server and in database the URL of image at row level is stored. now i was searching wappler DOCs how to show that image on my page based on records loaded. i foud perhaps lazy load can help and somehow image is alos retried. but i am not sure its the right way. below image is one record retrieved from my database the last cell is the URL of the image on server folder. now i am trying to find find way in wappler how to show that image with URL “/test_uploads/7.png”. Appreciate your advise please.

Lazy load is useful for pages using lots of images, so they are loaded as you scroll down the page.
In your case, just use the dynamic attributes as explained here:

this is one of the most basic and fundamental features, used almost everywhere.

Perfect, thats all what i needed. image is loaded

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