Image size vs Media screen

Hello! With my previous visual website builder I could use diferent image versions (sizes) for each media by switching to the desired media screen (mobile, tablet, pc etc.) and I could put a different image size of the same image and it would add it to the specific media screen, but I see it is not working that way in Wappler, actually if I put a 640px image for Phone and then a bigger vesion of that timage for pc then all other media inherit that last image I added.

Am i missing something or is there a simple and 'visual " way to acheive this with Wappler?

If you use Lazy Load, the option is available under App Structure

Otherwise the option is available under the DOM tag


That’s the way to do this - using the Lazy Load component.


Cool! Thank you very much Ben for the info and your kind help!

Great solution indeed! I never tried lazy load before…I guess I am too “lazy” :smile:
And I don’t need to switch to each media view, so it’s even better then what I used before!

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When doing this with dynamic images, should I use Dynamic Lazy Load?

Hi UKRiggers I think there is a good anwser to your question on this topic :slight_smile: