George's Demo of Database Manager at our First User Gathering

Here is the video of George’s Database Manager demo for those of you who missed the User Gathering! :slight_smile:


After today’s demo, I went back, started from scratch with the new database manager and within a few minutes made so much more progress than pre-database manager. I was up and running adding content in no time, with the theme manager working (first time).

Perfect, exactly what I wanted from wappler, and I can now focus on some of the more advance parts within wappler, without the worry that I was doing something wrong or my set up wasn’t quite right.


Thanks @Antony and thanks for taking the initiative to arrange this. Naturally I was sound asleep, but look forward to watching this later and hearing more about how it went.



Wuss,I stayed up and enjoyed every minute. Watched Outnumbered afterwards. Great night.

Disclaimer: This grumpy old man uses language from the past when PC was not an issue.


First off … MIND F’ING BLOWN!
Second, thanks @Antony for setting this up.

Wow @George!! I was very skeptical of the Database Creator until I saw this demo. You guys are freaking amazing and I am glad I got in on Wappler on the ground floor.

Thank you to you and your team. Did I mention … mind blown!



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@brad - I was like you. I introduced myself as 50/50 regarding the new database manager but once I saw @George demo it I was completely sold. Being able to keep the changes and implement them on any other targets is something no other tool has offered so the workflow between local and production is now completely sewn up. :+1:


“Hold our beers”
- Bundlers, automated testing and CI/CD pipelines

Hate resorting to this meme…but I couldn’t think of a better one.


Step by step, we are getting there :slight_smile:


Indeed you are. And at a pace between 3 people I didn’t know it was possible.


Database Manager is amazing…

… but for me, I’m still not convinced I will use it. Here are the reasons why:

  1. I am creating one app in my lifetime, so I will never have a new project to start using it on.
  2. All my database is already defined in one .sql file with all the documentation, which has become my “database world”. I feel too comfortable in that world to move unless there is a compelling reason.
  3. Updates to a production database are often much more than just “Add a new column”. That column may need different values depending on other column’s values, so you start to need SQL statements to migrate, and understandably, the knex / database manager world doesn’t offer that. So unless someone can convince me otherwise, I will be needing to manage sql files to do migrations, and I want a single point of defining what my database migration looks like.

So for those reasons, my current plan is to stay in my familiar MySQL world for database management.

Best wishes,


Wrong, misleading at best, from the moment that knex allows you to add whatever logic you need in the migration files.

You can pretty much create your own migration file and add it to the migrations database of Wappler.
And the database manager could potentially facilitate that by adding an option to “Create my own migration” and handle the internal part of adding it to the right folder and adding the appropriate entries in the migrations database.

With all due respect. You are using 2020 tools with a 2000(and I am being generous) mindset/workflow. That makes me sad :cry:


Thank you for your caring Jon! :slight_smile:

I see it slightly differently… I am actually much more like you (in terms of place on your infamous bell curve) than you (currently) give me credit for… but I am enjoying the process of us getting to know each other.

The reason I say “the knex / database manager world doesn’t offer that.” is because I asked George the direct question about seeding columns conditionally in the demo (which you can watch), and he replied that this isn’t planned to be available via Wappler.

It may be available via knex… I’ve not had time to absorb all their documentation!

So if:

  1. Wappler adds a way to directly edit knex files
  2. I find time to learn the syntax
  3. It seems so much better than editing sql files
  4. I choose to move my entire one time database over to Wappler
  5. I find the time to actually investigate all this stuff because I am trying to release a product to earn a living

Then yes, anything is possible! :rocket:

Actually I already showed in my demo how to open the changes files (Knex migrations) in the editor.

So you can change them and add data population as you wish :slight_smile:

Will see if we can combine that as well we the making seeds for initial population.


@JonL, would you be willing to do a talk on the power of knex in database migration at our next user gathering? :slight_smile:

Bring me in to the 2020s man! :boom:

That is true George… but I have been gently guided by your team to try and move away from editing Wappler created files, so I’ve been trying to walk more of your path! :slight_smile:

But I can start to see the potential benefits of using knex if it is as powerful as Jon says.

For me, I have created my database definitions… I want a tool that has the power to manage the migrations on a huge production database with 1000s of users whose entire business depends on the data I am managing for them.

I wanted to start the user gatherings to get more discussion on the deep details of what is possible… so I’m delighted we are having these conversations!

And with Wappler - what is impossible today - might be possible tomorrow :slight_smile:


It will depend on when it is, my workload and the toddler. I can’t promise anything.

Forum interaction matches better my style of life.

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