Your Views On Future User Gatherings

Woohoo… we have had our first user gathering and it was, I believe, a great success.

There is a video demo from George of the Database Manager, and some sightings at the end of us mere mortal users, available at the link below.

So the question on my mind now is… what next?

  • How often
  • What time of what day
  • How long they last
  • Hot topics of discussion
  • User driven gatherings versus Wappler team driven gatherings
  • And any other aspects you wish to consider…

Comments invited below! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

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Sad I missed this. I’ll be very keen to get on the next one.

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Here’s my newbie view.

How often

  • once a month

What time of what day

  • alternate it, between EU and Australia time

How long they last

  • last one was perfect 2 hours max

Hot topics of discussion

  • based on what users are working on
  • user demo of working with wappler LIVE, with different parts. Some like to deep dive databases, others like great design, or websites etc. Nothing too big, but small examples, and maybe something the community votes on.
  • latest feature demo from Wappler Team with questions and follow ups

User driven gatherings versus Wappler team driven gatherings

  • User driven, as wappler team likely way too busy to sort, and Antony did such as great job. Great character and ideal Wappler candidate to host.
  • Take Webflow community driven videos for example.
  • Still would like Wappler team to feature demos in every gathering, as worked so well.

And any other aspects you wish to consider…

  • same sort of format, and it will work itself out as we do them.
  • We should post then on Youtube to promote to new / potential users / for marketing (or best bits as per George’s example video.
  • Shows to new users that there is a welcoming community, who also don’t know what they are doing, just like them😆


Just for the Aussie Wusses… :rofl:

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I think @Marcus_Devaney has summed it up perfectly.

One thing that would be a great addition is someone, or a few people, doing a quick 5-minute screen demo of a particular feature or way of working. I’m sure we all do things slightly differently so watching someone else do a particular task - and it could be something very simple like placing a generated table on the page or something more complex like Bootstrap techniques or table filtering - would enable us to pick up on helpful tips.

And as for times… we all know the world revolves around the UK :wink:


I agree with everything here. @sitestreet is right as well, just seeing how different people work with different features of Wappler can be of great use.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bd news, but you are still trying to catch up to us. We are at least 10 hours ahead of you :laughing: