Wappler 6.0.0 Beta 1 Released

Wappler 6.0.0 Beta 1 Released

Check the new Wappler site at https://wappler.io/
and download Wappler 6.0.0 Beta 1 from your Account Dashboard
Latest stable version is also available there.

Note: Wappler Beta runs as a separate app, so you can have both stable and beta installed, but please run them one at the time.

What's New

Finally it is here - Wappler 6.0 - Beta 1. In this first beta we will allow show you the latest additions in the upcoming Wappler 6, so you can test them before the release.

Wappler 6.0 Beta 1 is the latest version of the powerful web development tool that offers a wide range of features and improvements to help developers create stunning web applications. This version includes several new features and enhancements that make it even more user-friendly and powerful.

Wappler 6 introduces a groundbreaking integration with CouchDB and PouchDB, two well-known document-based databases. This integration offers several advantages for developers, including automatic data synchronization between CouchDB and PouchDB, making it easy to keep data consistent across all clients.

CouchDB is a powerful document-based database that offers a flexible data model and a RESTful API. With Wappler’s support for CouchDB, developers can easily create and manage databases, collections, and views. PouchDB, on the other hand, is an offline-first database that allows users to work with data even when they are offline. When the user comes back online, PouchDB automatically synchronizes with the central CouchDB database server, ensuring that all data is up-to-date.

With Wappler’s support for CouchDB and PouchDB, developers can take advantage of the best of both worlds. They can use CouchDB as a central database server, while PouchDB provides offline-first capabilities. This integration makes it easy to create powerful web applications that work seamlessly both online and offline.

See for more information Wappler 6: Unleashing the Power of CouchDB and PouchDB Integration for Low-Code Development

Also for usage see: CouchDB and PouchDB Integration in Wappler

One of the highlights of Wappler 6.0 Beta 1 is the improved Resource Manager, which now includes support for adding CouchDB services for both local and remote servers. The Resource Manager also includes a new service Terminal in the editor tab, which allows you to monitor any Docker service and see graphs for CPU, memory, disk I/O, and network usage. Additionally, the Resource Manager now automatically creates the _users and _replicator databases on CouchDB setup, and allows you to grant admin rights to users so they can create views.

Another major improvement in Wappler 6.0 Beta 1 is the improved support for local development certificates when Traefik is installed locally. Wappler now uses mkcert for local development certificate generation, and automatically generates local dev certificates when using Traefik locally and when you enter a domain for a service ending with .localhost. Wappler also automatically restarts the local Traefik service to load the new certificates.

The Database Manager in Wappler 6.0 Beta 1 has also been improved, with added support for CouchDB databases and collections. You can now fully manage collections in the database manager when using CouchDB, and create new views for CouchDB databases. The PouchDB Connector is now in beta, allowing you to create CouchDB and/or PouchDB connections in the database manager with their schemas. New App Connect components are also available for managing PouchDB databases.

Initial support for Bootstrap 5.3 has also been added, with special CSS Variables for inline styling. More to come in Beat 2.

Resource Manager

  • Add support for adding CouchDB services, for both loca as well remote servers
  • Add new service Terminal in editor tab for monitoring any docker service. Now you can see graphs for CPU, Memory, Disk I/o and Network Usage. Also there is a building terminal and streaming logs support, so you can keep track completely of the running service
  • Automatically create the _users and _replicator databases on CouchDB setup as those are required
  • Cleanup and improved error reporting
  • When creating COuchDB databases and granting user permissions per database, grant them admin rights so they can create views as well
  • CouchDB options improved UI
  • Improved database creation for CouchDB, to also auto create needed system databases like _users and _replicator
  • Add option to the CouchDB security to make a private database, default databases are public
  • Improved Traefik install on local development, now also installs and uses mkcert for local development certification generation
  • Traefik on local development, now uses generated local certificates with the right config
  • Improved creations of the CouchDB databases, to be initially public, but still require an admin user to manage them from within Wappler.
  • improved creating new services with auto generated passwords
  • Auto enable CORS on new CouchDB databases
  • Improved compatibility with mkcert when used with Traefik
  • Improved support for local dev certificates when Traefik is installed locally
  • Automatically generate local dev certificates when using Traefik locally and when you enter a domain for a cerfice ending with .localhost
  • Automaticaly restart the local Traefik service to load the new ceritificates
  • When creating new docker services, next to existing ones, make sure the new ones use always unique ports and docker volumes
  • When creating CouchDB services now CORS is automatically enabled
  • You can control Cors also in the new Service options under the gear icon in the service toolbar
  • Also there is a direct link to the CouchDB admin for this service under the service options
  • Implement password change for CouchDB users
  • Improved Cors setting for remote CouchDB servers
  • Improved refreshing of Services on a cloud server that is running on a cloud provider and might be shared between different projects. Now new services are auto added when discovered and also old services, no longer running are cleaned up.
  • Also set additional CORS Headers when enabling CORS in CouchDB

Docker targets

  • Improved selecting CouchDB database from any cloud server

Database Manager

  • Added initial support for CouchDB databases
  • Show only Views for CouchDB databases
  • Allow new views creation for CouchDB
  • Read existing design documents of CouchDB databases as views
  • Add support for collections in couchdb, now you can divide your ata in logical collections
  • Improved support for collections in the database manager when using couchdb, now you can fully manage those
  • Allow creation of migration files also for CouchDB databases
  • Add support reference and multi refernce fields in CouchDB databases
  • Improved migration scripts generation for CouchDB
  • Greatly extended creation of new database connections to include also predefined selections of Cloud Databases defined in the Resource Manager.
  • Now you can easily choose already defined database server and its credentials will be automatically used.
  • Define PouchDB connections automatically with migrations scripts
  • Add also PouchDB only connections indicating a client side only PouchDB database
  • The CouchDB connections now are always both CouchDB server side and PouchDB for client side. If you only require client side then just choose PouchDB only
  • Rename the “Direct Database Connection” button to just “Database Connection” as this now defiens and the Wappler direct database connection as well needed Server Connect and/or client side App Connect database connections if needed, like for CouchDB/PouchDB or SQLite.
  • Automatically generate target dependent client side database connections for PouchDB
  • When the database type is just PouchDB - only a client side only connection is generated, while when the database type is CouchDB and PouchDB then both server side CouchDB as well client side PouchDB connections is generated, that automatically syncs to the server side CouchDB.
  • Save changes in migration files for the CouchDB and PouchDB
  • Improved status update and refresh
  • Port is optional for CouchDB url
  • Improved CouchDB connections over SSH, now to use also system assigned tunneling port

PouchDB Connector - first beta

  • Now you can create CouchDB and/or PouchDB connections in the database manager, with their schema’s
  • New App Connect components available now for managing PouchDB databases
    • Global PouchDB component for synchronization with CouchDB remote databases
    • PouchDB View component to bind directly to a predefined PouchDB collection and reflect automatically real-time updates of it’s data
    • PouchDB Detail component to fetch and bind to a specific Document in PouchDB and reflect its data change.
  • New PouchDB App Connect Flow actions
    • Use PouchDB Database Query Builder and updater to perform SQL Like queries and updates to your PouchDB databases
    • Available actions are PouchDB Query, Insert, Update and Delete documents
  • Added new refresh action to the PouchDB detail to be able to refresh when its data is stale (outdated)
  • Added more check if database name is set on the detail or view components and initialize later on if not
  • Fixed the data picker in the PouchDB database actions to allow page data picking
  • Improved working in inline flows
  • Added new select action to PouchDB Detail to be able to select and load a specific doc from PouchDB

Database Connector and Updater

  • Added support for the cloud database predefed selections
  • Enable update Flow Actions for PouchDB
  • Improve UI for CouchDB and PouchDB inserts and updates
  • Support CouchDB data types
  • Support for CouchDB keys
  • Added CouchDB support


  • Added CouchDB support

Bootstrap 5.3 - beta 1

  • Initial implementation of the new Bootstrap 5.3
  • Theme manager updated for Bootstrap 5.3 new SASS theming variables
  • Include new CSS Variables styling attributes for all Bootstrap 5 components. You can choose the add special inline styling by using the CSS variables group when availailable.

App Connect 2.0 - beta 9

  • Optimized auto refreshing of app connect components in Wappler design view
  • Only set input value when value attribute was set

App Connect 2.0 - beta 8

  • Latest App Connect fixes
  • When a static attribute is set it will become the default value for the prop
  • Select should not remove existing options
  • Some form elements require render (button)
  • Fixed issue where falsly data returned as null

App Connect Date Picker 3 - beta 1

  • Rewrite for full support of App Connect 2

App Connect Sockers 2 beta 1

  • Updated sockets for App Connect 2

Bootstrap 4 & 5

  • updated last Bootstrap 4 & 5 stable versions
  • Bootstrap files cleanup

Server Data Formatter

  • Add an extra option to the formatDate to work with UTC times

Design View

  • Reload design view when app connect is updated

Wappler Local PHP Server

  • Improved scoop installation of PHP on Windows to install also the needed vcredist2022, Microsoft VC Redistributable files that might not be present on brand new PC’s

Mac Homebrew

  • Improve initial installing of Homebrew on brand new Macs

Fixed issues