Wappler 5.1.5 Released

Wappler 5.1.5 Released

Check the new Wappler site at https://wappler.io/
and download Wappler 5.1.5 from your Account Dashboard

Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Wappler’s Database Query Builder just got even more powerful! Now you can start easy with the visual query builder and when your query gets more complex and needs custom sql code your can just switch to custom query with a single button click! Then you query will be transformed to pure SQL code. You can also choose to go back from custom query to simple mode if possible.

Furthermore we have also improved the generation of SQL code on the Query Builder dialog to be database specific, depending on the database you use and added a copy to clipboard option so you can copy it and run it directly against the database.

We have also added support for the new System Versioned tables in MariaDB, allowing you to keep history o all your data changes.

Database Query Builder and Updater

  • Allow to easily switch from simple query builder to custom query! useful when you need to go from existing query to more complex custom query. Now you can switch directly from the query builder UI by clicking on the “custom” button
  • Also from the Custom Query Builder you can switch back to simple Query if your query can be translated to simple query.
  • Improved simple to custom switching and back to handle better conditions and sorting orders
  • Improved parsing of retaining of very parameters when switching from simple to custom query and back
  • Improved handling if joins to transfer to simple coding from custom query
  • Cleanup unnecessary nesting of conditions in SQL when transfer to simple coding from custom query
  • Improved SQL code view to generate specific code based on the database type and also do the right color coding.
  • Added copy to clipboard action on the SQL Code toolbar
  • Make the SQL code panel collapsible
  • Improved database detection and SQL coding style for NodeJS projects

Database Manager

  • Added support for System Versioned tables in MariaDB
  • Now all System Versioned tables are listed in the database tables list and indicated with special icon
  • In the advanced options of the database table you can set or clear the system versioned property
  • Improved styling of the system versioned tables

Git Manager

  • Improved UI responsibility

App Connect Google Maps

  • Added advanced cluster options to control cluster size and zoom

App Connect Google Places

  • Improve google autocomplete when using multiple types

App Connect Routing

  • Improved include in mobile projects to have routes.js always after dmxRouting.js

Bootstrap 5 Popovers

  • Set the default trigger to be click

Fixed issues