Wappler 4.7.1 Released

Wappler 4.7.1 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

This week we continue we the great improvements in our Database Manager to make it the most powerful database manager yet!

We have included support for new “Multi References” - now working with many-to-many Database relations will be an absolute breeze for you! See Using Multi References in the Database Manager

Now that multi reference are available, next to the sub tables, you can implement easily storing multiple selections with Tagify. All the Multi Reference (junction tables) are now automatically updated and managed for you! See for extended guide Using Tagify with Multi Reference

We have also included full PHP support for the new Database Query Builder and Updater for the new sub table queries and multi references!

It is a big update for PHP, so we are making it available as Beta first in our Beta extensions channel for you to try it out first. So make sure you have enabled both the Experimental features and also the Beta extensions channel.

Furthermore the styling of the Database Manager is greatly improved and also the Basic / Advanced View switch. Now you can easily go to Advanced to toggle some advanced options without refreshing the whole tree. In Basic view the most common options are available. We improved also the Reference fields options in basic view so that all the keys are automatically set for you.

Database Manager

  • Greatly improved Basic / Advanced switch mode. Now the switch just shows additional detailed data and the tree open state is retained. The advanced show all foreign keys
  • New Multi Reference - now you can easily create multi references to accomplish many-to-many relation. Those multi references are actually automatically created junction tables.
  • You can insert multi references from the context menu just like sub tables.
  • Junction tables are automatically discovered on existing databases and marked as multi references.
  • Optimized tree view performance
  • Added support for validating the new Multi Reference table selection before save
  • Improved adding nested sub tables - now you can nest them as much as you want
  • Improved Postgres support for nested Sub Tables and Multi References - now the different schemas are parsed separately.
  • Improved MySQL tables and view schema retrieval - now it gets retrieved in creation order
  • Show self referencing tables
  • Implemented editing state indicator icons for the new Multi Reference
  • Improved multi reference detection
  • Allow more keys and fields to multi reference tables
  • Improved multi reference discovery in complex database schemas. Also support junction tables having more fields and reference than just two
  • Improved all Table choice dropdowns to have icons and include the nested sub tables as well
  • Improved adding new multi references and validation
  • Simplify the reference properties in basic view - to just table selection. The other properties are available in advanced view mode
  • Also the unique property is available in advanced view only
  • All adding reference and multi references to new just created tables that aren’t saved yet
  • Add validation to references that a table is selected, before applying the changes
  • Add multi reference foreign key always in singular form
  • Added icons to reference columns list
  • Allow table selection even from just created tables and nested sub tables
  • Added icons in for the field type in the property inspector of database fields
  • Improved context menu with more clear separators
  • Improved refreshing of tables and schemas in Postgres
  • Improved Table Data Editor to handle tables from different schemas in Postgres
  • Unique is now under the advanced options

Database Query Builder & Database Updater

  • Added Full PHP support for the new sub tables nested queries and multiple nested update records! Now as beta extension so you have to enable the beta extension channel first.
  • So the new sub table options are only visible in PHP when and the experimental features are on and the beta extensions channel is selected.
  • Added support for self referencing tables
  • Add support for auto alias creation on adding multiple same tables
  • Improved adding of nested sub tables
  • Show Multi Reference tables with the right icon
  • Sort tables alphabetically but still show sub tables under the right parents
  • Show sub tables and multi references in nested dialogs and fields lists
  • Improved columns insert and refresh on table select
  • For update columns dropdown show only unused sub tables and multi references in Database Updater
  • Improved multiple joins view in the Query Builder
  • Allow to have multiple joins with aliases with same sub tables names in the Query Builder

Image Processor

  • Improved cover action for PHP

Fixed issues