Wappler 3.8.3 Released

Wappler 3.8.3 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Another fine Mobile Development update for you!

We have greatly improved our Mobile Development support. Streamlined the process of creating mobile apps and their content pages.
And also increased greatly the Framework7 support.

Also a new Getting Started Docs about Mobile Development with Framework7 are available!

Mobile Development

  • Add main page choice when creating new content page so that the page is automatically linked
  • Default new pages to content pages
  • Create the content page route as subroute of the main
  • Add new dark mode toggle to design view to preview in dark mode
  • Improved the blank mobile template to be up to date with Framework7 v5
  • Add default route to the index
  • Add Bootstrap also as a choice for design framework in mobile projects
  • Updated the Framework7 mobile meta tags to the latest standards and compliance
  • Improved the Page element to allow inline overlays like login screens, popup and popovers
  • Added No Swipeback option on pages
  • Added new template for login screen page to the content pages, so login pages can be done as separate pages
  • Implement Theme Manager for Bootstrap styling in mobile projects
  • Improved Cordova build and on Apple Silicon M1. Now it should use the native modules and emulator.
  • Improved also the local or global cordova installation and detection. Global is preferred
  • All installations prefer Homebrew now - as it install the latest native NodeJS also on Apple Silicon M1


  • Updated Framework 7 icons to the latest version 4.02 with mani more new icons
  • Added choices for tabbar and tabbar with labels
  • Added sample icons to the lists blocks
  • Adding color icons to the lists template blocks
  • Removed html comments from used templates
  • Add more Navbar options like large size, transparent, no harline and no shadow
  • Always give toolbar position top or bottom
  • Rename main layout to single view
  • Auto open login screen in design view if elements inside are selected
  • Added open and close actions for the Login Screen component
  • Improve AppBar
  • Improve default new content page to use the last Framewok7 v5 navbar layout
  • Limit the basic icons sets to just the available next, prev, back and forward. Use Frame7 icons for the rest.
  • Fix the F7 Icon display on the properties UI
  • Allow global elements in blocks and cards
  • Add ID for the Views
  • Add pages and views in the actions structure
  • Always give login screens an ID, so they can be controlled easier afterwards

App Connect

  • Smarter Server Connect loading for iOS and Cordova
  • Improved actions picker to be able to handle complex nested structures like in Framework7

Database Manager

  • Allow edits of remote databases as well, as long as the target is marked as development and there is a direct connection to them
  • Allow to fully work with database schemas - even if the database is not available currently
  • When connection errors occure - display now a nice status icons and the error as tooltip, but leave all the previous available schema info intact
  • Map tinyint to integer and not boolean
  • Improved error handling

Database Query Builder

  • Improved working for MS SQL tables that are now prefixed with dbo.

Routing Manager

  • Added support for the new App Connect routing for mobile projects
  • Now you can select a different framework like Bootstrap for your mobile projects and use App Connect routing for smart partial reloading of your SPA like app.

Server Connect

  • Allow Dynamic Url for Server Connect, so it can be bound to dynamic data
  • Allow also dynamic action for Server Connect Form
  • When converting form to Server Connect Form - always set the method to post as well

Server Mailer

  • Changed default mailer to mail

Bug Fixes