MSSQL DB Query Manager Warning for existing Server Actions - Table does not exist - Not resolved

Wappler Version : 3.8.2
Operating System : MacOS
Server Model:
Database Type: MSSQL

I have upgraded to v3.8.2 and the existing queries are still not editable (I believe it had been resolved in the latest version). It’s the same message as in v3.8.1.

We use now the dbo prefix always in front of tge table name.

So just choose to rename it with the dbo prefix.

Thanks @George, the queries are running correctly after reselecting tables with dbo prefix.

Is there a way to convert/update all tables in one step in existing queries rather than updating every query individually? There are about 30-35 server actions with may be up to 100 queries between them that will need to be updated to dbo prefix.

Well the old will continue to run so no need to update.
And when you edit them you can change.

@patrick will see if we can improve that in the future.

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Thanks for your assistance, @George :slight_smile:

This is now improved in Wappler 3.8.3

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