Local Node errors -- Remote Node all good

I have a Local Dev target:

and a Remote Dev target (running in PM2 and using apache proxy):

Everything works quite well in the Remote target (no crashes, ever), but the local server crashes on page load:

Is this an issue with the local server, or is it a timing issue with my setup that is only exposed on the local server?

It’s not a huge issue as everything from Remote Dev to Staging works fine, so I’m not too concerned, but more curious as to what is going on here??? Something else altogether?

Seems something is sending headers to the browser before everything is completed.

Do you use any custom action steps or code?

Seeing the stacktrace it looks like it is in the security provider.

Here an update you can test, unzip it in lib/auth.

provider.zip (1.4 KB)

Thanks Patrick,

Went to go test this, and found that I can no longer replicate the issue. I’ve been developing since the topic was created, so perhaps I fixed the culprit???

I’m going to stick with the original provider.js for now and will re-open this if the issue returns.

The thing what was fixed is the clearCookie that was done on logout, but only in the case when you login with an invalid account and it logs out an already logged in user. So it was really a special case when it happened. It was missing a simple await with the logout method, so it didn’t wait until that call was finished.

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