Upload files on Digital Ocean + Docker


I deployed my app to Digital Ocean with docker…The site is running, except the image uploads.
On my local server is working, but on remote server not.

Any tips?

Do you get any console errors?

Hey Max!

On Digital Ocean Console, only MySQL console showing, at last lines:

mbind operation not permitted

Any error on Apache log or chrome developer tools too…
I added a response on server connect in case of error on upload:

Thanks Max!

Do you mean a image file uploads on your live site or deploying the docker image?

Image file upload on my live site! Sorry!


Thanks George! How to define a mapping outside of the container? On upload component configuration?

A good starting point will be:

But I know we have to put an option for this in our docker settings to make it automatic and much easier to do :slight_smile:

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@George, once you add this docker settings option to Wappler will we our Docker/containerized apps be able to upload files directly to storage services like S3 and Digital Ocean Spaces?

Good question Eddie!

I didn’t knew if it was possible but seems it is!

Those docker volumes are pretty powerful stuff!

And you can bind them to any provider, so also an s3 compatible one! They have a driver for that:

So go experiment and let me know when you got it to work so we can integrate the best config options.

You can just adjust our docker-compose.yml file in .wappler folder with the needed commands and redeploy.

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Is what we’re talking about here the same thing as this feature request on uploading to S3 and DO spaces?

Or are they somehow different?

Well if you docker you just map a local folder of your server to s3

So the server and all your file upload functionality of server connect will work out of the box because the folder acts like a regular folder and docker maps it on OS level to s3

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Should I use the Docker Volume to upload files from my live server?

Yes you just have to define a docker volume indeed where your uploads will be saved

sorry so many questions…Never used a docker on production!
I created a volume via Digital Ocean web admin, they created a volume named volume-nyc1-01.

My uploads, on my local server, goes to /ProductsImage folder… On my Upload action I have to change the path for “volume-nyc1-01/ProductsImage” ?

Many thanks!

So everything works fine?

Maybe you can add a step by step tutorial with screenshots so other Wappler users of digital ocean can profit from it as wel.


Oh no…is not working…sorry :frowning:
I’m trying others ways here!

Maybe you should contact the digital ocean support or their community and see what are the right settings

Block storage may be more suitable for you: https://www.digitalocean.com/products/spaces/

Hello everyone!

Still with the problem! Unfortunately, Wappler deploy with Docker doesn’t include configuration to upload files (and use them on frontend). I’m hiring a DevOps specialist to solve my problem.