Upload files on Digital Ocean + Docker

Hi @otavionestares
Did you find any solution?
I was able to mount volume to the container, but I am having problems with permissions now. When I want to save a file to the volume, I get 500 error with permission denied subject.

Ferhat! Man…if you have a very tight deadline, run away from Docker in production…a real nightmare to config paths, open ports, install SSL…


I am starting to see all those problems with docker. It is interesting that no one talks about it in the forum, but it is nightmare to even setup a simple file storage.
Good luck!

Actually, I abandoned the Docker…I think the incredible Wappler team will come with a new update about this issue very soon!

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Yes we hear your wishes and will get on top of it to add those settings in Wappler.
So docker usage will be just a few clicks away - and then you will appreciate its powers :slight_smile:


Thanks George!