Transition to Wappler, how long would it take?

Hi everyone! I’m currently using bubble to create webapps, but it’s not the most suitable option for some of my use cases.

Long story short, I would like to start simple. I intend to create an ecommerce showcase with wappler and connect it via API to my bubble app, so I can display in my wappler page the items stored in my bubble data base.

Some people might say that I should migrate the whole thing, well I want to test it first, I know that actual code is by far more scalable than any no code platform, but I need to learn all the wappler’s features first.

My question is, how long do you think it may take me to achieve this? I have wrote HTML and CSS before so I know most of the basic concepts, also I have some experience programming with vanilla JS and Python (still a newbie though). I have read many post about the level of programming knowledge you should have to start using wappler, but I found many different opinions on the matter.

In advance thanks and I’m looking forward to getting your feedback!

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Welcome to Wappler!

First and foremost you will want to get familiar with Bootstrap. It all starts there. From there it’s basically a need to know basis. Once you get started with your design in Bootstrap you will have many specific questions. These are usually answered very quickly in this community.

As for how long? Depends on what you need to do. I have been using Wappler almost every day since day one of the pre-release and still learn something new every day. Learn what you need to know for your project first. The rest will come.

This community and the Wappler Team are always here to help.

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Thanks for the fast reply! I will check Bootstrap then. :smiley:

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I have never used Bubble, so not sure about your Bubble API needs though. There is a lot of ex-Bubblers here and I am sure they will offer some feedback for that part. Good luck!

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If you’re at it regularly for about 3 months, you should be in a good position to build something solid since you already know some html, CSS and js.

Shoot specific questions as you may have on the community. We’re happy to help.


@filetelier welcome. Ex bubbler here. From the sounds of your project and your pre existing knowledge I honestly think you’ll be able to achieve this within 2 / 3 weeks.

You will have some frustrations within the first 2 weeks - just getting to know Wappler, Bubble does a good job of simplifying everything but Wappler needs a bit of perseverance- once you get past that initial learning curve, you’ll be pretty excited about what you can do.


Hi @mgaussie! Thanks for your kind reply, I would like to ask you which resources did you use to learn? Yesterday watched some videos to understand how does Bootstrap 4 works (outside and inside wappler), also I was watching some of the courses published in this post Wappler Learning Resources but those are pretty old, I’m not sure if that is an issue, do you have any recommendation for starters or should I just follow the documentation?

For me personally, I had a basic understanding of Bootstrap and how it works - but I tend to learn as I do. So I setup a dummy project and just started building until I felt comfortable to jump to our main project.

The Wappler documentation is ok in general, I found it’s often written in a way that expects you to know more than you do, and then in other occasions it’s great.

The forum is a wealth of information, so you can normally search and identify solutions without needing to ask them, but if you do ask, someone is normally on hand to try and help out, if not the team directly.

I’m not the best person to provide guidance as I do tend to just dive in and get my hands dirty, and I learn best that way.

However, there are heaps of resources on Bootstrap, this is a great one: - (note that Wappler uses version 4).

Then I’d look into the principals of how Wappler works, e.g. Server Connect, App Connect (

Once you know the basic ‘principals’ of how to correctly use Bootstrap (e.g. container, row, column) and how Wappler gets data, and binds data - I think you’ll be just fine based on what you already learnt in the past.

Here is also a good post of an ex-Bubbler moving to Wappler and has some terminology transfer within it that might help: My Early Experiences Going from Bubble to Wappler + Translating Bubble to Wappler

This could also be useful to understand the SC / AC side of Wappler: Build a full SCRUD application in around 15 minutes


Thanks again! I’m like you, but sometimes people can give you a little guidance to get started faster. I really appreciate your suggestions! I already feel the greatnes of wappler’s community :smiley:

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There are some very smart people on this forum, that I’m sure will help out if you ever get stuck - I’ll do my best, too! :slight_smile:

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@ben just released some great new introduction videos on out YouTube channel, aimed for the absolute beginners, maybe you should check them out:


Thanks, I’ve been bookmarking each post I believe it could help me , I will definitely check those videos as well!