Build a full SCRUD application in around 15 minutes

I always wondered how long it would take to build a full SCRUD application in Wappler.
Now I know, just over 15 minutes.

Sorry about the continuity error re server actions, don’t normally do post production as you know and it slipped through undetected initially.

Don’t think it has an adverse effect

Pour a beverage and enjoy the music!


Nice video Brian! :slight_smile:
Yes, indeed once you build your whole SCRUD page(s) and actions you can reuse them easily with minor modifications.

Love it Brian, good example of how easy it is, but you should build another manually in a text editor in a 40 hour video to show the difference of manually coding that in php, haha.


What a good idea Paul, got nothing better to do with my time. :wink:


Thank you Brian, great video.

The video does highlight one of my pet grievances, namely with the delete (1:48) step, the $_POST variable does not get automatically populated as it does with insert and update. Maybe I should also include the read step when a filter is used, that it should also populate the variable.

Very interesting… so, can this SCRUD that you’ve just created simply be run through the cordova plugin to create a mobile app?


You are always awesome and I doff my heart…15 mins! Wow

@mrs I have to be honest, I have not yet created a Cordova based app in Wappler yet so I don’t know. Hopefully someone else may know

Really nice job Brian. This should give great guidance to many new users of Wappler.

i hate to code that but no way you have to spend 40 hours for this.
more like one hour if you know what to do.

I agree 40 hours is probably way over the top but 1 hour is in my opinion way under.

I was really just kidding around, but I could personally not code that in 1 hour from nothing, Im not talking about coding it from scratch and stealing some ready made php solutions from other places, im really talking about manually coding that all by myself from a blank white page in a text editor like i used to do, I think i could do a semi decent job of it in 3 hours to be honest, but I still do not think it would have the fallback, or the bug free code, so add another 30 minutes for a full test of it, fully debugging it.

So 3 and a half hours i think would be fair, manually, if I were being realistic. Probably more though, but I am a slow coder too.

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Yes you can do this with cordova. The only difference will be that you will need to define two projects.

  1. One for your server actions that execute the CRUD operations (which runs on your server)
  2. Another one for your mobile app - where only HTML files run. From this project you just connect to your server (you can call server actions from another project)
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Thank you Teodor. Have you got any demos on how to achieve this?

Just setup one normal/web project, which runs your server actions - everything is the same as in our docs related to the server part:

Then setup a mobile project. Create your HTML files (front-end there) and when you attach the server action to the form or create repeat regions in the data picker - select the web project and use its server actions.

Really interesting to watch thanks for making this!


Note to anyone watching this video who is unable to get the show/hide to work properly.

You must add the == 1 part using the data formatter UI now instead of just typing in == 1 next to the variable.

Yes, the latest update prevents manually adding parameters


You can also directly edit it in code view and add the == 1 part. We recommend using the UI for minimizing the chance of syntax errors.

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