My Early Experiences Going from Bubble to Wappler + Translating Bubble to Wappler

Thanks for creating this new category for going from Bubble to Wappler @George!

I’ll share just a little bit of my early experiences exploring Wappler, from the perspective of someone coming from Bubble, in the hopes that it will help others bridge the knowledge gap.

If you guys are like me, when analyzing if Wappler would be a good fit, I’m looking for the equivalent pieces of functionality that I have in Bubble. I have not come across anything that is not possible in Wappler that I have in Bubble, but I am just getting to know Wappler. My understanding is that you can drop in custom code if you really get stuck on something but so far even the out of the box functionality is the same or better in Wappler.

There’s a lot of good documentation throughout the forum (thanks @Teodor!) that I bookmark. Also, there’s helpful documentation in the dedicated spot So far, I’ve found the most helpful aspects of the documentation in comparing to Bubble to be the server-side components Going through each example is time well spent and will help you find equivalent Bubble functionality in Wappler.

Most helpful (for me) functionality covered is:

  • Getting the database connected for use in workflows
  • How to set up Wappler workflows
  • Creating repeating groups
  • Displaying database data in repeating groups
  • Displaying dynamic text in text elements
  • Displaying data in a popup

You’ll notice that the above functionality items use Bubble terminology. One of the more difficult things has been the change in terminology, after all, how can we even know what to look for in the documentation/forum if we don’t know what the equivalent is called in Wappler? Here are a few terms from Bubble translated to their use in Wappler to get you off on the right foot.

Bubble Wappler
Workflow tab Server connect
Workflows Server actions
Workflow actions Action steps
Do a search for Query
List Array
Repeating groups tables w/repeat regions “make repeat children”
Elements Components (From Bootstrap 4 Framework)
Group Column
Text element Paragraph component
Input element Text input component, Forms
Popup Modal
Start/Edit Workflow Dynamic/Static Events (on components)
Conditions Dynamic Attributes (on components)

Also, it’s important to understand that the starting layout structure on a page usually looks like this: container > row > column.

The framework to understand is Bootstrap 4. Here’s a good crash course on YouTube:

Hopefully that helps people get started faster!


Dont forget the wappler YouTube channel for video tutorials


Great list! Now I know the Bubble terminology as well :slight_smile:
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Hey @dserber, many thanks for this post… exactly what I was thinking we need… and now we have somewhere to find all this kind of thing.
Wonderful! :rocket:


Yes, @dserber, this post is very much appreciated! Thanking you for going through all the trouble to write that out


Big Thanks @dserber
I’m trying to migrate from bubble to wappler. Hopefully I find the answer here.

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Thank you for putting this together, super useful.