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Hello fellow Wappler

I am new to “Wappler territory” meaning I am discovering this new world! My reference is the Bubble Platform. I consider it to be an excellent tool in the world “no code”, despite not agreeing with their pricing policy and most of the business model offered by Bubble.
Well, what brought me here this time, is whether I can integrate, via API, some plugins available in Bubble? For example “Calendly”.

I also take the opportunity to ask, if it is possible to develop with Wappler all those examples of “Academy” in the “how to build” section of Bubble. For example: eBay; Uber; LinkedIn; etc.

Thank you for your patience and collaboration.

Fernando Oliveira


First, welcome to Wappler!

I have never used Bubble so can’t directly answer your questions. But a very similar question was asked yesterday and you may also want to check out that thread.

Welcome @ugarovesk, please checkout #from-bubble-to-wappler as there are quite a few threads in there from fellow Bubblers asking this similar question…

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Where are you from @ugarovesk?

I’m from Rio de Janeiro.

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Thank you Brad.

Legal! sou de são paulo! me adiciona no skype: otavionestares

Beleza Otavio.

Thank you max_gb.

Yes, you can most definitely build all the same app concepts as you could in Bubble. The learning curve will be a little more to begin with, but once you figure out the tool you will gain many times the effort it would take in Bubble since Wappler uses web standards and allows you to build on top of frameworks like Bootstrap and Framework7. That should save you lots of time in the long run. Plus you can build more than just a web app. You have the chance to quickly deploy mobile and desktop apps, neither of which are possible with Bubble. The best part is you own all of the code and are not locked into a platform that may decide to triple prices overnight leaving you with no choice but to pay them or lose all work.

The downside is you now have to manage the infrastructure, there are ways to reduce the effort, but it’s still something you have to figure out and could take away from how quickly you can build your app. I don’t think this should be something that keeps you from using Wappler, but it’s one area to be aware of. In the long run, having more control is a good thing, especially if you ever want to sell you app to someone or do anything outside of the abilities that Bubble has built into their platform.

All I want is a tool like VS where I can develop my apps without limitations, host them where I want and pay a fair price for it. Additionally, I am a senior .NET developer, is Wappler a PHP tool?

Thank you Kfawcett

You can use PHP, .NET or node.js

Then you’ve found the right tool. Wappler will allow you to build for asp, php, and node.js.

You could code everything or do 90% of it using Wappler’s visual tools and supplement the 10% with code for areas Wappler doesn’t cover.

Great news! Done :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Thank you.