Solving python error in MacOS Catalina when using docker

Hi guys,

Just recently I saw an error in the forum related to MacOS catalina public beta. The issue is that MacOS will not execute the python script due to python not being notarized for Catalina. I’m assuming python will notarize it before the final release but in the meantime this is how you fix it.

It seems that with Catalina Apple got picky and doesn’t allow turning off Gatekeeper directly.

Open a terminal and run:

sudo spctl --master-disable

It will request your password.

Then go into your System Preferences -> Security and a new option for running apps will be there waiting for you.

Select anywhere and you are good to go.


Good catch Jon!

I was suspecting that it has something to do with notarization.

Happily we have Wappler notarized on each update :slight_smile:

So this should be helpful to @Marzio

And the topic was:

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Motorized Wappler! Sounds good to me!

Vroom vroom!

Just corrected the typo :slight_smile: but it did sound good! Ah well Apple auto correct :slight_smile:

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Perfect, now it works
Thanks JonL

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Thanks, @JonL!
It fixed the problem on Catalina!

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@JonL, thanks for this post. I am not part of the beta program with Apple, but I did get notified that Catalina was available for me to download last night so I took the plunge and did it! After several hours (sigh) it was finally installed and ready to use!

This helped me out in terms of getting rid of that error.

I wish some of my other programs were that easy to fix. You should have seen the look on my face when Final Cut Pro said it was not able to run on Catalina and then the App Store saying it was not able to update Final Cut Pro because it was already installed, LOL. I did get it fixed, though.

Catalina’s launch has been a nightmare for a lot of people. The deprecation of 32 bits has taken a big toll on some users

And in Docker prefs you must share path to target.

I’m running macOS Catalina 10.15.1 and I am having this issue. Whenever I try to select a Docker target I get an error that reads…

.Python cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware.

Should this be happening? I’m not running a beta version of Catalina and @George says that Wappler is notarized with each update.

I’d rather not have to turn off Gatekeeper as suggested by @JonL.

I’ve already tried uninstalling Wappler, restarting my Mac and reinstalling Wappler…still having the issue.

Any other suggestions on how I can fix this?

Hi eddie,

Gatekeeper is a feature developed by Apple for those that are willing to spend a huge amount of money on a laptop just to browse the internet.

If you want to go on advanced mode you will eventually have to disable it. Wappler is notarized, python is not.

That being said there is no other alternative at the moment.


Point taken, @JonL

I went ahead and turned off Gatekeeper via Terminal per your instructions. It did the trick. Thanks!

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Fixed in Wappler 5.4.1

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