Repeat in eMail body

Anybody else looking for the ability to have repeats within the body of a Send Mail server action?

Reference: Email the results of a database query

In the old Dreamweaver days, I used the Webassist plugins for emailing and you could set the body to be a file. That file could then contain whatever you want, including repeat regions.

This would be great in Wappler.


I hope , there is a simple solution…
Much has been discussed before, but I guess no way has been found.
but voted :wink:

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This has become more urgent now shopping carts are being built with Wappler. The order confirmation email needs to contain all the lines in the order.

Yes I’m surprised this hasn’t been requested more or had much attention.

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As there is no direct way to do this. I am doing in this alternative way, with the help of variable.
Concatenating the required html into the variable inside the repeating region then using this variable in mail body.


Great, a good example of why this should be core Wappler functionality.
Abandoned Carts, Order / Quote Confirmations, Overdue Task Lists etc.

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Bumping. Would be an extremely helpful addition.

I think this is one of those requests where the number of votes under-represents the interest. Eg the same request appears here and probably elsewhere.

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Better than repeating regions a templating system for emails would make more sense as it would cover more ground.

Something like this but server model agnostic(or just node because…why not? :p).

Additionally there are full blown solutions(email frameworks) that will also handle responsiveness, plain text and other goodies and complement very nicely an email templating system.

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I pray weekly to see this added on a Thursday. :pray: