Make Server Actions editable from picker

Recently here I’ve had to update an old site that is using DMXzone appconnect old school version. In the old version you could click on the pencil to actually edit the server script:

I’m constantly digging through all of my server scripts trying to find the right one to open and edit. it would be awesome if on the app connect side to the page where the server connect portion is if you just clicked on a pencil there and it would open the action/server script that you are wanting and don’t have to search. Even if you had the files chosen on the left, if you clicked on the pencil it would switch the the server script and open the one you want to look at:

Seems like it wouldn’t take much to implement this feature and it would save a ton of time searching for the server connect script if you have any of them at all, which I have a ton.

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With the beta 4 UI redesign would be a good time to implement this, especially with the new tabs.


This would save a lot of time.

Seems like this request is quite popular, considering many doubles: second, third, forth, fifth.

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Little fix, great value.


Bumpity bump! This is such a great idea, come on lets do it! Keep voting and tell people to keep voting. I usually have like 10+ tabs open at a time and if I could just click a little button to take me to the server action that is attached would just be such a time saver!

Have a great week everyone!

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BUMP BUMP BUMP! Please vote for this! This would be such a time saver. Gonna start getting aggressive with my bumps!

have a great week everyone!

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Bump Bump Bump! This is the feature request I talked about this morning on the first Friday of the month meetup. Please vote for this feature request.


This request is very similar to this one , or at least part of it. As was mentioned in the Wappler meeting today, this is the sort of request which would probably be quite straightforward to implement but which would make a very significant difference to the user.

I sometimes wonder if features like this are overlooked because they’re considered very minor and uninteresting, and overlooked in favour of bigger features. (I think for some developers, a feature like this might come near the top of the list of recent changes.)


Bump! come on folks vote! This will save you more time than you ever will know…

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Voted!!! :upside_down_face:

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I voted for this a while ago and am surprised it hasn’t been implemented. Having huge changes to the UI and adding complex servcies for Docker etc etc is all well and good, however, it’s the small things that can sometimes make a big difference. This is one of those things.

I too used to work with DMXZone plugins, that little edit pen on the image above that @baub added was a massive time saver. I’m on a project right now that has about 3-400 Server Actions - a lot of them are quite similarly named so have to be read carefully when selecting, this causes a disruption to my workflow whilst I trawl through the list looking for the SA I need.

Being able to click on a single button to pick the required SA multiplied by how many times a day its being clicked, results in a significant time saving.


You’re right, I recently spent a lot of time searching for every sc out there.

Bumping this, please


Yeah bump away! every couple weeks we gotta bump it up again…



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I’m 100% for this feature, but you don’t need to trawl through looking for a server action. There’s a search bar at the top or the Workflows…

I too have a lot of similarly named server actions so I just copy paste into the search box.

I agree the search is helpful but it requires a lot more than one click. It requires two clicks a bit of typing then selection from a list of choices and another click. Combine these actions over the course of a working day and that time is considerable.

This suggestion offers up a simple one click solution.

What we have right now is a step backwards from a years old formula that DMXZone had nailed.


I totally agree. It just sounded like you were scanning through the server actions, not using the search.


Exactly! I have soooooo many server connects that have fairly similar names and its easy to pick the wrong one if its the end of the day and your brain is mush. One click and correct Server Connect! Bam!


One click and correct Server Connect! Bam!

Come on Baub… Not a classic edit/pencil icon :pen:…We need a “BamBam” button there!! :bomb: