Double-click Exec step to open underlying library action

This feature request is to allow opening the underlying Library action of an Exec step once double-clicked

Could do the same for the Include step

P.S.: I think Library actions are only available on NodeJS

What do you mean on this exactly? Example?

Sounds super useful just wondering!

Okay, so imagine we have the following library action:

  • SendWelcomeEmail

And then, on your user registration server action, somewhere in the end you have an Exec step to execute that Library action. My idea is, if you need to quickly see the steps inside SendWelcomeEmail, you can double-click the Exec step and it will open the Library action in a new tab:

Double-click “Exec SendWelcomeEmail” (the blue area) to open the Library action SendWelcomeEmail, so you can view its steps

Small improvements like these add up to increase productivity

Good idea, I agree!
This would help a lot, if we could instantly open library action instead of searching it manually every time.


It would be a big timesaver.

There’s more of these small improvements that would increase QoL massively.

Going to add this to this topic, but you can split if it it should have it’s own thread:
A button client side to go to the server connect in the UI would also be great.

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There are many outstanding requests which would make using Wappler easier; I think this feature would be amongst the most time-saving. I think it’s been suggested several times over the years. It would be great if it were implemented.

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Yes, this too! Thank you for reminder.
I found it and bumped it. There are at least 5 request about it, acuatally. :sweat_smile:

Time for a QoL improvements sprint :wink: @George