Error Docker: "out of space"

Anyone have a problem when deploying site with an error in the terminal window saying “device out of space”?

I am running Wappler on a mac, with docker publishing to DO. I just started getting this error. I checked the docker preferences and set my sizes as big as possible with no difference. My local machine has over 750 Gigs free on this drive. I checked my DO droplet and I am using less than 2% of the space I purchased. So I am at a loss. Any suggestions would be great. I tried to provide all the information. The error is a bit sparse so I’m not sure what else I could provide.

thank you

Could you add a screenshot of the error?

Hi George, I spaced that this was the weekend and I did not want to take you guys away from you families to answer my question.

This only occurs on the upload to Digital Ocean so I thought I must have an issue with space on my droplet, but it appears to be fine. It does not occur on the local version so there is not a rush on this at all. So it can easily wait till next later this week. Oh, one other thing, the file that it is trying to load dmxGoogleMaps.js is never the same twice, each time I get the error it is a new file.
thank you.

By the way! Wappler is awesome. I absolutely love learning it and am excited to share it with others.

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No problem :slight_smile:

Did the error occur when you hit the deploy button? Because I see the system check info only before.

What you can do to test space on your droplet is:

  • make sure you have the target where the droplet is defined as active
  • select from the terminals dropdown: “Host Server SSH” (it can take a bit to connect)


  • you will see a system status when it connects

  • then when the terminal is started, to see the available space, execute:
    df -h


  • to see the occupied space by docker container and images, execute:
    docker system df

  • to cleanup old unused images from previous deploys, execute:
    docker system prune

So that should help.

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Encountered this issue this afternoon (now 00.20am)… Thank you so much @George I was going around in circles for a while! Remember to add ‘sudo’ when running docker system prune otherwise you’ll get a permissions error (for non nix users*).

sudo docker system prune

Was astonished at the shear amount of space recovered (Total reclaimed space: 22.14GB). So this will be apart of our regular maintenance from here on out…


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I know I’ve mentioned it on other threads but could there be a button next to the other Docker actions in W4 that runs this without having to SSH into the host?


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A cleanup button has been added to Wappler 4.4.2

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