Wappler 6.0.0 Beta 13 Released

Wappler 6.0.0 Beta 13 Released

Check the new Wappler site at https://wappler.io/
and download Wappler 6.0.0 Beta 13 from your Account Dashboard
Latest stable version is also available there.

Note: Wappler Beta runs as a separate app, so you can have both stable and beta installed, but please run them one at the time.

What's New

As Friday the 13nd is near, and Teodor is eating too much dumplings with beer in Hong Kong, we are releasing Wappler 6 beta 13 with just a few new features and improvements, while working on some major new features for the next beta.

We have improved the Resource Manager to support custom servers like the free ones from Oracle Cloud. We have also improved the automatic Docker setup done when executing ‘System Check’ on servers. You need to execute that one new servers or imported to make sure all needed Docker software is installed.

Also we have tackled many of the issues reported in our great community. Thank you all for your feedback and support!

Resource Manager

  • Improved creating services for customer servers with different username then root like the Oracle cloud servers
  • Improved adding Traefik on Oracle cloud servers
  • Improved Open Service Terminal as well for Oracle Cloud Servers
  • Improved setting up Traefik on Servers from Oracle Cloud
  • Improved Service terminal to work on Traefik and other Alpine based images

Docker Targets

  • Do not expose any ports in NodeJS when Traefik is used as it always function as proxy
  • bind to traefik even if no domain name is given for the web project

Bootstrap 5 Popovers Beta

  • The bootstrap popover docs show wrong default for trigger, instead of ‘hover’ it is ‘click’

App Connect Data Store 2.0 beta 4

  • Update data directly instead of debounce

Fixed issues