Wappler 5.6.1 Released

Wappler 5.6.1 Released

Check the new Wappler site at https://wappler.io/
and download Wappler 5.6.1 from your Account Dashboard

Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

In this update we have further finalized the new App Connect 2.0 core, with all the needed optimizations and fixes of the issues you reported. We already started optimizing and rewriting all the additional components like Autocomplete and there are more coming up!

As this is a huge update of App Connect, we suggest that you do an extensive testing of the beta now and report all errors you find so we can fix them before the final is released.
To learn how to switch easy to the beta testing channel and back see Using Wappler Extensions Channels for Beta Testing

Furthermore as there are many optimizations in the new App Connect for component developers, we have updated the docs about the new App Connect API and how to use it in your custom components.
See Writing a Component for App Connect and Writing Custom Attributes for App Connect

Next we have also extended the Resource Manager so you can define your own custom servers, no matter by with provider they are, as long as you have SSH access.
See Managing Cloud Servers with Resource Manager

As we also greatly improved the Database Docker Deployments, to use a new secure SSH tunneling and allow Wappler’s Database Manager to connect and manage your databases in a very secure way, without having to expose any public ports.
Here is also a guide that explains how this works Use SSH for Remote Docker Targets

As last but not least, the Wappler Local Server for PHP now also supports routing, so you can also fully use and define routes in the Routing Manager.

App Connect 2.0 - beta 2

  • Another huge update and optimization of the app connect core, now more and more core components are rewritten and reorganized and also the used javascript is modernized.
  • Optimized expressions in text nodes, text nodes are now split up and expressions update separately instead of updating the whole text

App Connect Autocomplete 2.0 - beta 1

  • Optimized to work with the new App Connect 2.0

App Connect State Management 2.0 - beta 1

  • Also optimized to work with the new App Connect 2.0

App Connect Data Traversal 2.0 - beta 2

  • Further optimizations and bug fixes for the new App Connect 2.0

Resource Manager

  • Allow to connect to a “custom” provider where you can define your own servers
  • Improve adding custom providers
  • updated the ssh2 library to the latest with rich support for ssh keys
  • Greatly improved SSH key connectivity and reliability.
  • Speed up new server creation, specially for Ubuntu 22+ as older SSH RSA keys now also work and no special install is needed
  • Improve the toolbar for custom servers
  • Improved display and refresh of custom servers, to now show services and projects deployed on them

Wappler Local Server

  • Added support for PHP Local server to use Apache alike routing generated by Wappler in .htaccess


  • Various speed optimizations for faster panels loading, specially on the different managers. Should result in faster load speed.

Fixed issues