Wappler 5.2.6 Released

Wappler 5.2.6 Released

Check the new Wappler site at https://wappler.io/
and download Wappler 5.2.6 from your Account Dashboard

Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

In this update we have build the base for our upcoming major mobile development updates.
The Capacitor integration is now updated to the latest version to give you the most smooth experience.
The foundation is now in place for adding client side databases based on SQLite that you will see rolling out in the upcoming updates.

Furthermore we have improved the server workflows layout styling and specifically, the comments to be more clear and also multi line.

Mobile Development

  • Updated Capacitor to the latest version 4.2
  • Improved Electron integration
  • Added automatic sync to build and run of the Electron apps
  • Improved startup templates for mobile and desktop apps
  • Updated Wappler file watcher to ignore Electron build artifacts
  • Capacitor - improved npm install and update commands to follow the last npm version
  • Added missing routes.js file to the desktop blank starter project templates
  • Added new Pack action for electron targets to build an installer when using capacitor
  • Implement base for capacitor plugins auto install and registration for extensions.


  • Improved npm install and update commands to follow the last npm version
  • Fix nameless group action

Database Manager

  • Add support for upcoming local SQLite connections for mobile and desktop apps with Capacitor

App Flows

  • Improve App Flows to preserve metadata of output steps

App Connect

  • On serverconnect flow action do not set query parameter when it is null/undefined

Server Connect

  • Allow comments in server actions to be multi line and improved styling of those


  • Allow extensions to include script files of type module
  • Improve includes order and handling of defer attributes

Styles Panel

  • Multiple improvements on icons and working
  • Improved color picker
  • Allow removing of empty style

Fixed issues