Wappler 5.0.0 Beta 5: Initial UI Thoughts

Now that I have had a full 8+ hours of using the new design interface, here are my top take aways …

1: I like the Properties Panel changes. Everything makes sense and having the proper theme colors really helps. Well done there.

2: The Quick Access Menu needs some sort of sorting or logical order. The menu options are all over the place.

3: Building forms manually is now extra work and not very intuitive at all. A step backwards.

4: Data Detail Regions is busted. See bug report.

Overall, I think the changes are in the right direction although it took some getting used to. Great work so far guys. Wappler 5 is fun to work with. Maybe I’ll find more tomorrow but so far it looks good.

These are still the top three UI issues I face each day in Beta 6.

Improved in Wappler 5.1.1 - now there are two new options in the general options, where you can switch back to the older insert menus.

Thank you! So much better! :beers:

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