Wow. Beta5 really brings the design view into a new league

Well played Wappler team. I’ve just installed the latest Beta and the design view looks so much better. And I’m loving the new insert context menus.



One man’s meat is another man’s poison :slight_smile:

That turned out even better than I imagined!

Adding new elements in design is much faster than before. I am no longer distracted by the big window. It’s all smooth and natural now.
I can now add new child elements, duplicate and delete. And even move some elements around.

Highlighting the borders of parent elements would be helpful too, as the quick “App Connect” and “Preview” toggle in the context menu.
I think it’s good that the context menu is becoming more common in Wappler. (in App Structure next?)

New ability to hide empty col/rows in design will help a lot too.

Overall, awesome update!
I was glad to participate a little bit. Hope, it is not the last time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Although, need to mention that I feel like selecting in design view now have a little lag sometimes, like 0.3s. But I’m not sure.


I have only played around with it a bit. This will take a bit of time to get used to. I find the new quick select thing actually slows me down. Now I have to read a whole list to see if what I want is even in there. Sometimes even having to read the list a couple times to find it. I will use it for a day or two to see if I can get used to it before I give my opinion. I do like the improved properties panel though. :wink:

I reckon it will become second nature fairly quickly and we’ll know what appears where. I’ve found that with the v4 methods. I know exactly where the items are in the grid so click without even looking.


I feel the same. I’m sure it’s just early phases of newness but will give it a good try over the next few days


All feedback is very welcome!

Check also carefully the adding suggestions given when specific bootstrap elements is selected.

Do them make all sense to you or are you missing a nested element for example that you use very often inside the specific selected element?

Maybe there are specific bootstrap layouts/components order that you use very regularly? See if those can be now constructed much quicker.

Btw keyboard access is now also improved, you can use A to insert after the selection or B for before and then navigate the context menu with the arrow keys.

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One thing I just noticed when trying this is that if you close the context menu without selecting something (using esc), the A & B buttons don’t work until you click the item again

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That keyboard access is good to know. I have had a chance to use it in real world for a couple hours now.

So far the only thing I had to use the ‘More’ option for wa to add content with the Generators. I can live with that.

One thing I would find helpful though is if the quick access tool had some logical grouping of the otions. They seem to be listed in a totally random order. If all the Content options were together and all the form options were together etc (perhaps using the same grouping they are in in the main menu) it would make it easier to find the right element.

I also have a random problem of the design view jumping around to the top of the page. Trying to figure out a pattern on that.

But it’s looking good. I am slowly getting used to it. :beers: