Wappler 5.0.0 Beta 4 Released

Wappler 5.0.0 Beta 4 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/beta/

Latest stable 4.9.1 is still available
You can use both at the same time

What’s New

Great new developments in the new Wappler 5 beta 4!

Now you can take advantage of the well known developers service Ngrok, directly in Wappler!
You can quickly create public urls from your local developer machine, to share them with customers or coworkers, but also very useful for testing and development!
See Sharing Local URLs with Ngrok

Further we have implemented more Wappler branding refinements and styling. Now the main menu is move to the right and a lot of shortcuts have been defined to easy your work.

Also the App Connect components property inspectors are greatly improved by giving you now a quick navigation to the General, Attributes or Events properties!
Now you can just click on the property section you want in the quick navigation and the inspector will automatically scroll to the right section.

And last but now least we have published a brand new Wappler Account Management site at: https://account5.wappler.io/
There you can fully manage your Wappler subscription, your billing details, check your invoices and even manage the devices where you have Wappler installed on!
As we allow Wappler to be installed on 3 devices, you can see them on the new Wappler Account management site, with details like type of OS, Location and last usage.
So check it out and gives us your feedback in the Wappler community.

New Ngrok integration

  • Full integration of the NGrok service for easier requests debugging and sharing ot local urls
  • Full automatic download of the required NGrok client
  • You do need to have an Authtoken first so make sure you register for a free account at https://ngrok.com
  • Enable NGrok Proxy in the terminals dropdown and the NGrok service will be started
  • When you use open in browser or scan the QR code in Wappler for browser preview, your local site will be looped throught the NGrok service so all requests can be monitored and inspected later.
  • You can view the Ngrok requests by opening the NGrok Web Interface, available as a microscope icon next to the Ngrok Terminal, once it is started
  • Support all kind of sites, even static html sites with the local Wappler server
  • Improve Ngrok dashboard url parsing on MacOS
  • more sidebar icons alignment and main logo size improvements for Windows

Wappler Styling

  • Moved the Wappler logo in the titlebar
  • Moved the main menu to the right under tree dots icon
  • Moved the theming icon next to the main menu icon
  • improved mac titlebar icons for the new Wappler logo styling, now displayed right on the mac as the traffic lights are on the left
  • Show only the project title in the titlebar
  • Make Wappler editor tabs straight
  • Improved sidebar icons alignment
  • Added the Wappler logo as license icon
  • Optimized the sidebar icons to be more space efficient
  • Improved support for proxying local WAMP/MAMP projects residing in sub folders of the web root
  • Improved error handling on NGrok Proxy
  • Updated Wappler logo to be the fully logo in main the sidebar
  • improved position of the mac traffic lightd with the new branding and sidebar

Design View

  • Improved positioning of the add items overlay to be always under the add before/after icon and not overlap it.

App Connect Property Inspectors

  • Added quick navigation to scroll to the right options like attributes or events
  • Improved label alignment


  • Improved Wappler starting up from shortcut on Windows, when tray is already active
  • Main Editor title is no longer clickable and can be used to drag the window now
  • For project manager use the sidebar icon or shortcut key ctrl+shift+O
  • Added global shortcuts for the search manager - ctrl+shift+F
  • Added the shortcut keys in the tooltips of all sidebar icons

Server Api Connector

  • Update PHP api for improved Stripe API handling

Stripe Webhooks

  • Improved error handling of Stripe Webhooks

App Connect Datastore

  • Minor bug fixes

Bootstrap 5 Tooltips

  • Improved tooltip positioning