Wappler 4.6.3 Released

Wappler 4.6.3 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Get ready to be blown away by the new App Connect performance update! Reactive, smart client side data rendering has never been so fast!

It is a huge update, so to safely let you try it out, we are also introducing new Wappler extensions Beta channel! Now you can try all those great extension updates, without breaking your existing projects!
You can easy switch between the Stable and the Beta extensions channel, see Using Wappler Extensions Channels for Beta Testing

The Project Assets Updater is now updated to include all those new features as well allow you to easily reset the used frameworks to be always up to date. See How to Reset Your Project Default Frameworks

Further we have improved our Visual Expression Editor even more, so you can now enter directly math or logical operators directly next to the expression tags.

Wappler Extensions Beta

  • New Extensions Channel! Now you can choose between “stable” or “beta” extensions, to be able to test new Wappler extensions without breaking your existing work!
  • You can always switch extensions channels in the updater and install them in the Project Assets Updater or Global Wappler options / System
  • The selected extensions channel is also auto installed on Wappler start up

Project Assets Updater

  • Now you can choose specific extensions channel and directly install the extensions
  • Updates will be shown automatically after extensions install
  • File changes are now collected much smarter, not only by comparing dates but also file contents
  • You can now also force install App Connect and/or Server Connect frameworks
  • Show the number of files to update next to the framework
  • Auto refresh on toggling the force update options
  • Added to global menu and also shortcut key Cmd/Alt+U
  • Improved Bootstrap theme update check - now only update and regenerate on Bootstrap version change
  • Implemented for Mobile Apps as well
  • Auto check for updates on open
  • Improved updating of App Connect components
  • Improved window UI, now displays collapsed when no updates are available
  • Automatically expands when updates are available

Visual Expression Editor

  • Made the expression smarter with automatic handling of typed operators like +,-,* or logical operators like &&, || - now those are turned into tags.
  • So now you can write in the data pickers directly expressions if needed
  • Add inline chooser for logical expression operations in the Data Pickers
  • Improved styling of the expression tags
  • Show the delete icon only on hover for expression tags

App Connect Beta

  • We have greatly improved the App Connect core to include a huge performance improvements. Now available in the Beta channel.
  • Removed IE support
  • Fixed bug in conditional component
  • Fixed bug in serverconnect form - querystring was not correctly build (API Form submitting name of element with param)
  • Delay server connect fetch
  • Fixed issue with repeater not rendering
  • Optimized more code

App Connect Beta Extensions

  • Browser info component updated with performance improvements
  • Data Traversal updated as well
  • Action Scheduler update
  • Routing: Fixed issue with routing component not updating

App Connect Data Store Beta

  • Performance updates
  • Auto updates state between tabs (localstorage only)

Server Connect

  • Improved server side expressions and templating build with the visual expression build. If now the data bindings picker (thunder icon) is used, expressions are joined as much as possible. If the content editor (pencil icon) is used then the expressions are left as typed

Fixed issues