Wappler 4.1.1 Released

Wappler 4.1.1 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Welcome in the new era of Generators! In this Wappler update we will give you a sneak preview of new global UI options available in the Database Manager that will feed many new upcoming code and UI generators!

We have added support now also for JSON fields in the Database Manager, letting you define arbitrary schema or arrays under single JSON fields. So now you can have rich structures and also handle multiple values in arrays much more easier out of the box!
A great use case for this is storing multiple values of checkboxes, see PREVIEW: Using JSON Database Fields to Store Multiple Choices

In the Database Manager now you can preview the table data directly in a tab editor! Just make sure you enable the experimental options first.

Also another great and frequently requested feature is generating unique identifiers in Server Connect. So not a new UUID global variable is available just for you. See Generating an unique UUID identifier

Also we have improved our Electron and Cordova apps support with easier run and Database Manager support.

Electron Desktop Apps

  • Default to no rebuild - as Electron apps can be ran directly, no need to build first
  • Improve re-building and re-launching of Electron apps

Cordova Integration

  • Added project option to include the SQLite Database plugin for cordova mobile or desktop apps

Database Manager

  • New experimental feature to View/Edit table data in a tab editor now!

  • Full support for JSON fields! Now you can define the JSON field schema under it by adding variables, arrays or objects from the context menu

  • Allow to display and edit JSON fields in the Database Table Editor

  • Use the database schema as central source for generators of UI controls

  • Store UI field properties, so that all follow up generators and data editors can use the same information to generate UI controls.

  • Further specify the Data Type of the JSON objects - Object or Array, for easy schema generation

  • When using arrays a list of possible input fields can be added as UI Properties

  • Add support of adding databases to mobile/desktop projects. You can add now SQLite databases

  • Improve database schema refreshing for mobile/desktop projects

  • Allow only SQLite on mobile/desktop projects

Database Table Data Editor

  • Improved styling
  • Allow multiple editors in tabs
  • show the correct icons on reopen
  • Indicate changes in the tab status
  • Preserve and restore changes on editor close and reopen
  • Improved the database date and time parsing
  • Global save (ctrl+s) works now as well

Git Manager

  • Added option to checkout remote branch (right click on tag)
  • Better detection of current head

Database Connector & Updater

  • Added support for JSON types output defined in the Database Manager
  • Added support for JSON (objects) types in ASP/PHP and ASP.NET
  • When using a JSON(object) data field the required $_POST variabels with nested structures are now auto generated
  • Support for json fields in actions also in PHP, next to NodeJS

App Connect

  • Fixed checkbox/radio groups not updating correctly after setting value

Server Connect

  • Make new global UUID variable available to quickly generate an unique identifier
  • Added the UI Properties on the Server Connect input fields
  • Improved native JSON support for all types
  • Also make the global input variables with rich UI Properties editable. USually those come from the Database Manager schema

Server Formatter Crypto

  • Added Encode Base64 Url and Decode Base64 Url formmatters for encoding and decoding for use in urls

Bootstrap 4 & 5

  • Improved the Bootstrap Form Generators to take account of the defined UI properties when JSON data is used and generate the appropriate multiple checkboxes, radios or select options
  • Improve the Form Generators to handle multi select checkboxes


  • Support compression in api module

App Connect Browser Control

  • Added new Write Text To Clipboard Action

Fixed issues


We just released a small update to Wappler 4.1.1 to address some urgent issues in PHP database connectivity and other last minute bugs.

All should be fine now!