Git Branches not visible

Win 10 Pro
Wappler 4 beta 1

Git has 2 branches: ‘prod’ and ‘dev’ - but in Wappler only ‘prod’ visible.

I’m on v4.0.4 and having this same issue. I created a branch on my desktop computer, pushed to github, pulled on my laptop but it’s not showing the new branch. I can see my pushes but the branch selector dropdown only shows master.

Is this likely to be fixed in today’s update? I can’t work on this project on my laptop until then.

git checkout -b <branch name> origin/<branch name>

If you enter this in terminal in wappler - then refresh the git pane, you can see that branch.

If it works natively in wappler it’d be really much better.

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I believe this ties in with my own post a day or so ago about all urls I use are immediately warned as INVALID and are not saved – yet Wappler may have used the URL anyway when a connection shows up later (and may be missing the new branch you refer to)

Sorry, it will not be fixed in todays update. The branches that are missing, were they created in a different repository? So I mean it doesn’t show the branches that are on the remote but are not created on the local repository.

Yes. I work between a desktop Mac and a laptop Macbook and use Github to sync between them. I created a branch on my desktop and it’s working fine but when pulling onto the laptop, the new branch isn’t in the dropdown.

I’m now trying to work from my laptop and use your command line suggestion but it says I need to install command line tools and it will take 36 hours!

@patrick - are you able to fix this issue so the command line isn’t needed?

36 hrs for what?
You can install got from official website:

I think it was probably just an internet blip showing such a long download estimate! I’ll wait until the issue is fixed in Wappler.

I don’t think it is a good thing to always create all the remote branches in your local repository. What you probably want to do is to checkout the remote branch to your local repository. We currently don’t have that option, but that would probably be the best solution. The dropdown only shows the local branches, not sure if we should show the remote branches here also. Selecting a branch from the dropdown does a checkout of that branch into you local working folder.