Wappler 3.8.2 Released

Wappler 3.8.2 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Great updates for you this week!

Full support for Web Sockets bi-directional messaging is now available for NodeJS!

With great Server Connect and App Connect integration you can take full power of web sockets and deliver amazing real time communication solutions!
For the Web Sockets basics check WebSockets - Realtime Messaging
and for more advanced integrations see API Action Realtime Progress with WebSockets

Furthermore we have also improved our Mobile App support.
Finally as the latest Cordova for iOS catches up with the latest iOS developments, we are able to deliver more solid solutions specially for cookie handling and CORS support.
So the new Cordova iOS integration will use the latest standards when you choose to install it.

We have also greatly improved the Mobile tools detection and auto installation, thanks to our integration with Homebrew on the Mac and Scoop on Windows.
So now everything you need will be auto installed. Well accept Xcode on the Mac - you need to get that on your self in the App Store :slight_smile:

Web Sockets

  • NEW Web Sockets messages support! Now you can define actions and events for Web Sockets for full asynchronous, two way communication between client and server with messages.
  • Added the current client id as data to the App Connect Socket component, so it can be passed to the server as private id for further messages
  • Added connected and disconnected data properties to the App Connect Docket component
  • Added also the Direct Message server action to send private messages to specific client
  • Added more server actions for Sockets: emit, broadcast, join, leave room, List rooms, get All Rooms and identify
  • add emit action with choices of message and input parameters

Database Manager

  • Implemented also full on demand refresh for Postgres databases and multi schema databases. Now the different Postgres database schema’s are also loaded on demand
  • Improved on demand schema retrieval on remote database targets

Mobile Development

  • Greatly improved system checks and auto installation of the needed components, thanks to our Homebrew for Mac and Scoop for Windows integration
  • Added support for the new Cordova iOS 6.2
  • Now when it is used, add automatically the new custom scheme and proxy cordova plugin to the config.xml
  • Show more installation progress toast messages for the different components during their install
  • Automatically install and run for first time Android Studio on the Mac if it is required
  • Auto start Android Studio on Mac after automatic installation, to allow SDK setup
  • Improved automatic installation on mac ios-sim, ios-deploy and Cocoapods but also of Android Studio - now done with Homebrew
  • Improved mobile publishing panel refreshing
  • Improved Android studio installation detection on Windows
  • Improved Gradle installation to use homebrew/scoop
  • Improved system checks for Cordova and Node
  • improved error reporting when JDK is not found

App Connect

  • Improved CORS and proxy handling on iOS mobile projects with the latest Cordova iOS 6.2
  • Extended the support for event data in App Connect Dynamic Events. Specially now for working with dynamic socket messages, defined as server actions that have now their own event data.

Server Connect

  • Added new Set and Remove Cookie core actions, with all the possible options for secure and samesite cookies
  • Added Wait action just for NodeJS
  • Added new credentials option to allow sending and receiving of cookies from external server connect sites functioning as API sites for mobile apps for example.
  • Improved CORS handling in PHP for external sites and for mobile apps

Server Data Formatters

  • Added missing date formatters for asp/php

API Data Source and Action

  • Added new credentials option to allow sending and receiving of cookies from external server connect sites functioning as API sites for mobile apps for example.

App Connect Autocomplete

  • Also show not found message when there is no data


  • Improved Linux Homebrew install check

Bug Fixes