Wappler 3.6.1 Released

Wappler 3.6.1 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Just for Christmas another great present for you!

Gigantic speed increase for you site thanks to deploying multiple NodeJS servers and amazing Redis Caching!
All thanks to Docker and its superb Server Connect integration with NodeJS.

Now you can quickly empower Redis caching service with Docker and select which NodeJS pages and API Actions to be cached.
Then instead of processing them fully on each request, then will be cached in the super fast Redis memory cache and served so much faster to the clients!
The perfect Server Side caching for all your web visitors! This will increase your site speed at least 10 times!

The API actions cache can be also perfectly combined with WebSockets! So that the API action is cached and only when the data changed, the cache will be auto refreshed when calling the refresh action.
For more info on how caching works see Content Caching for Node.js with Redis

And if that is not enough you can choose to scale up your NodeJS server instances! Just choose in the Docker target options how many “replicas” of the NodeJS server you want and when you hit deploy - so many server will be started!
When you also use Traefik for your site SSL certificate, it will also function as full load balancer and distribute the client requests between all running nodeJS servers!
So full power to you to handle huge amount of simultaneous users!

With the same Redis integration, we also enabled persistent Session Store in NodeJS! So all your user sessions are now stored in Redis and also sharing between all running NodeJS server instances!
So no matter how many NodeJS servers you have running - they share the same user sessions, so also logins!

All this is possible only with NodeJS and Docker and it is for now only under the Experimental Features of Wappler. So make sure you enable those first.

So that was a wrap for this year! The Wappler team wishes you great Christmas holidays and a Happy New Year!
We will have also our Christmas break now and be back in January!

NodeJS and Docker Redis Caching (Experimental)

  • NEW Support for Redis as session management for NodeJS
  • NEW Choose to install Redis with Docker
  • NEW Scale your nodeJS Server instances automatically with Docker! Just enter the number of replicas your want to run, hit hte deploy and you are done! Docker will automatically deploy as many node instances as you have entered in the replicas field. Scaling up is never being easier!
  • With the new Redis session management integration - sessions work now simultaneously on all running node instances!
  • Add Redis CLI terminal for easily entering Redis commands to inspect the stored values, like KEYS * to see all stored keys. See https://redis.io/commands


  • NEW Server Side Caching with Redis! Now you can enter for any Route in NodeJS a “Cache For …” time in seconds and the route will be cached fully server side in Redis voor de specified amount of time. This results in 5-10 times faster response and even more if you use database connections that are now cached.
  • Added $_SERVER.HOSTNAME to query the server real name. Useful to check which nodeJS server got the request.
  • No caching when nocache in querystring
  • Disable x-powered-by by default

Traefik integration

  • Allow both www and non-www domains to work and have SSL certificates. If your main url starts with www - then the non-www will be redirected to become www.
    If your main domain starts without www - then the www will be stripped and redirected to non-www

Server Connect

  • Set Redis caching in API action settings for caching the API action output for specific time.

Docker Manager

  • Update local node packages, even if remote target is selected initially

Routing Manager

  • Added method choice for each route. Now you can choose a specific request method that is valid for this route. Then the route will be available only when called with this method. This way you can implement a full REST API compliance with methods like PUT and DELETE. Default to all methods allowed.
  • Support for NodeJS routing as well PHP through .htaccess and ASP.NET with web.config

Bootstrap 4

  • Fixed Bootswatch theme detection

Bug Fixes